Try to do something with their hands. Even change of type of postcards made by yourself will bring him much delight. If you can draw, draw a portrait of his men. You can write a book about the happy moments spent together, if you add a joint owner of the photo will be more interesting. You can also write a song or poem.
A win - win is to dance the dance. Buy some beautiful suit and a couple of DVD disks, dancing (in order to practice a little, you can choose either a belly dance or strip dance. Make and decorate a large model of a cake made of cardboard, in the most unexpected moment appear out of it, performing a wonderful dance. The guy will definitely be pleasantly surprised by the gift.
If your beloved prefer extreme, give him a parachute jump. You can also arrange a small tour of the city. For example, take a map and mark on it the places where there will be a hidden surprise, and of course he will have to look for them with you. For example, the first destination is a Park where you can ride horses. Next store where the seller gives a gift to your beloved, of course, the seller will need to agree in advance. At the end you get to cafes, restaurants or saunas, where many friends happily congratulate happy birthday to your man and you are all together to celebrate the holiday.
A pleasant surprise for the guy to be the tattoo on your body. Do not have to make a permanent tattoo, you can do a temporary one that in two weeks will disappear without a trace. The tattoo, of course, must be associated with your loved one, may his name or a picture dedicated to him.
To surprise, you have to give something very expensive or very original. If the amount doesn't matter, you can give a new mobile phone, PDA, or other toys for the big boys. Budget guitar, skating, fishing rod, etc. If the young person does not know how to skate, the gift will be more interesting because as soon as the opportunity he will want to learn.