Prepare the original greeting. First, it is a rule of etiquette, and secondly, a pleasant ritual, during which you will be able to sincerely Express your feelings and give him a special sign of attention and respect. You should feel confident, saying congratulatory speech, giving a song, poems, etc carefully practice text, practice movements and gestures. Presenting a gift and such an original greeting, don't forget to smile and good mood, even if you have made any mistake.
Rent a city Billboard, which sees the birthday boy or glancing out the window or following his usual route, for example, to work, to the Park or the Mall. Will post my hearty congratulations to the birthday boy.
In presenting the gift, use unusual packaging. It always creates an atmosphere of mystery and pleasant anticipation. Don't forget that depending on gender and age, the gifts are wrapped differently: men – more restrained, and the women, by contrast, can have different number of parts. If a holiday women, for example, think about the original bouquet. It can be assembled not only beautiful flowers, but made from a beloved birthday girl chocolate.
Surprise and cheer the birthday boy. Create an enchanting presentation of a gift. The main thing here is to preserve the effect of surprise, which will remain a vivid impression of the day. The original presentation can be dictated by the theme of the gift.
Invite actors or comedians. Their performance will add brightness and extravagance festive evening, lift your spirits and give you the ability original way to present your gift. You can arrange their performance so that they will present your gift during your rooms.
If you congrats on the anniversary wife, girlfriend, loved one, order your machine with a lifting device, and "hang" with a huge bouquet and a gift at the level of her window. First check what is behind these Windows that are your fancy tricks.