Advice 1: How original to give a gift to the man

Hard to find a gift for a loved one, because you want to present was the best, and he liked it, and none of your friends was not the same. But not easier sometimes to give a gift. You can, of course, to come up and just give up the treasured box with the words, "This is for you! . But it is just too boring and obsessive. The presentation of the gift should also be approached with the soul, armed with some interesting idea.
How original to give a gift to the man
More original looks a gift, nicely wrapped or Packed in some box, or chest, made with their own hands. It can be a carved wooden thing or vintage packaging, equipped with slogans such as "the best man and other pleasing to your boyfriend phrases.
You can give a gift without any special hardship, but to make this event memorable, will accompany the presentation of an ode or humorous verses of his own composition, dedicated to the beloved man.
When you give a small gift, you can package it in a pile of paper and a bunch of boxes of different sizes. Curious to see how the young man opens them all and hoped that this last. Enhance the effect by using post-it notes placed in each layer of the package. They can write with humor or provide philosophical sayings or aphorisms.
Presentation of gift to do the unexpected and somewhat adventurous. For example, prepare a gift and put it in storage. Then send your man a TEXT with the code and the number you want to edit. Or send your gift with a messenger. This is especially true if the gift you must give, and you're away.
Since each man retained something from the boys, you can try to play on of mystery and excitement. For example, make a homemade card which will draw pictograms and riddles the path to the "treasure . The hunt for a gift can be complicated puzzles or questions, of course, not very tedious, it is better obvious.
A similar option is to make the system notes that, in the end, will lead to your gift. Notes put the alarm clock in the bathroom, the kitchen (the refrigerator, packing of tea, sugar bowl), in a pants pocket, coat, etc. the Latter will specify the place where lies the gift. Instructions accompany the playful words and warm words. Every man will be pleased.
Tie gift balloons, filled with helium, and put it in a bedroom when the young man will sleep. Waking up in the morning and seeing the ceiling a kind of balloon with a gift, he will be pleasantly surprised.
You can give a gift and personally, but not quite usual. For example, put some of the original outfit (e.g. dress of the court ladies of the 19th century), take a tray, put it on your gift and put it in a room. "Restartitis in front of the guy and feed tray. By the way, you can go in a sexy outfit. In this case it will have two gifts.

Advice 2: Gift ideas man

This year my husband and I celebrated 10 years of our relationship. Joint New year we have the eleventh. Can you imagine how many gifts already perederina, and as I break the head every time, not to be repeated? Share your ideas!
What to give to your husband?

In this New year I have outdone myself in originality - I give my husband a nice leather Desk chair. As I transported it home and hid the huge box so that the husband did not see it ahead of time. The chair now, in principle, does not hurt anyone, many of us spend a time home on the computer. My man daily spends a lot of time in the home office, and the chair we have is already quite old, so the idea of a gift in this time was born easily.

In February we start a series of events, first her husband's birthday, then Valentine's Day. Valentine, well - Feb 23. On February 23 I gift already decided - give a new dumbbell. Heavy will be present. Not so long ago my other half began to do morning exercises, so I think dumbbells are the way.

For a birthday I always try to make not just a gift, and some interesting surprise. Last year a week before the day I, despite the cold in minus 25 Celsius, was running around the city, was delivering gifts in accordance with prepared in advance "treasure map". Gifts were few: a new belt, a keychain, a design of which I invented myself in accordance with my husband's work, wallet, interior great image of the logo of his company.

Will list what I gave and planned to give in the near future:

  • telescope (ordered on ebay, my husband was very surprised);
  • a large helicopter on the radio (it was last New year, the gift delighted);
  • certificate course massage;
  • corny, but: shirts, sweaters, etc., etc., to choose what is guaranteed to enjoy;
  • a dash camera (gave expensive with tons of features, loved the gift, but, unfortunately, had to return back to the store - our frosts the Registrar is sometimes disconnected. I recommend to see reviews. For the future I have the plans one more time to try your luck and to give the Registrar, but until the guaranteed frost-resistant I have not found);
  • car vacuum cleaner;
  • avtoodeyalo;
  • watch (at the same time I wanted to surprise my favorite, he loves all sorts of new technology, so I chose the clock on the solar battery, and in the future plan to present watch with kinetic mechanism, if you are giving the watch, on the reverse side can be engraved on the memory);
  • purse, belts, gloves;
  • in addition to the main gift for the birthday cake cheesecake from the cafe in which my husband loves to order this dessert;
  • red caviar in a container in the shape of a heart making for Valentine's day. Valentine;
  • bag - my husband is quite a heavy leather bag over his shoulder, which he takes with him when we go out, and decided in the near future to replace it with a more lightweight and compact;
  • carpal trainer (suitable for those who work a lot on computer, choose a good model with a counter);
  • before appeared spray trainers, I gave my husband a jade balls, roll them in the palm of your hand, thereby stretching the hand and fingers;
  • a weekend in nature - a certificate for two days at the recreation center;
  • my dream is to give the gift of flying in an aeroplane and balloon, but so far in our small town for such services simply do not have;
  • the perfect sweater. This is a very interesting gift to prepare for that need in advance. The questionnaire was composed with questions and answers, as a result of filling which we get a portrait that looks like the perfect sweater from the point of view of our men, and order him in the Studio. The interesting thing is that male respondents are not aware of the fact that the questionnaire is actually designed to give him a sweater, we articulate how psychological test and interpret his answers for the men from the standpoint of psychology.
  • a sweet gift - a box of kinder surprises (can come 14 February).
  • subscription to the pool;
  • set "everything for the pool": a sports bag in which melting, swimming goggles, Slippers, towel, shower gel and shampoo in minipalace, swimming cap, nozzle nose diving - in General, everything you need for the swimming pool;
  • organizer in the trunk of the car, there are such things on Chinese websites, while this gift only in the plans;
  • covers in the car;
  • a gift certificate to a sports store.

The list, of course, far from complete. All of the above, I would like to add: I always try to make the gift a surprise, always original package, but in this occasion, like birthday, most certainly decorate the apartment with balloons, can make a newspaper or some other interesting greeting, light the candles on the cake and all that jazz.

What we are adults, the sense of celebration and surprise always manage to melt our heart and allow a little dip into childhood. Well, to be the person who throws a party and gives gifts - all a wonderful feeling, I recommend everyone to try.

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