Advice 1: How original to give a gift to the man

Hard to find a gift for a loved one, because you want to present was the best, and he liked it, and none of your friends was not the same. But not easier sometimes to give a gift. You can, of course, to come up and just give up the treasured box with the words, "This is for you! . But it is just too boring and obsessive. The presentation of the gift should also be approached with the soul, armed with some interesting idea.
How original to give a gift to the man
More original looks a gift, nicely wrapped or Packed in some box, or chest, made with their own hands. It can be a carved wooden thing or vintage packaging, equipped with slogans such as "the best man and other pleasing to your boyfriend phrases.
You can give a gift without any special hardship, but to make this event memorable, will accompany the presentation of an ode or humorous verses of his own composition, dedicated to the beloved man.
When you give a small gift, you can package it in a pile of paper and a bunch of boxes of different sizes. Curious to see how the young man opens them all and hoped that this last. Enhance the effect by using post-it notes placed in each layer of the package. They can write with humor or provide philosophical sayings or aphorisms.
Presentation of gift to do the unexpected and somewhat adventurous. For example, prepare a gift and put it in storage. Then send your man a TEXT with the code and the number you want to edit. Or send your gift with a messenger. This is especially true if the gift you must give, and you're away.
Since each man retained something from the boys, you can try to play on of mystery and excitement. For example, make a homemade card which will draw pictograms and riddles the path to the "treasure . The hunt for a gift can be complicated puzzles or questions, of course, not very tedious, it is better obvious.
A similar option is to make the system notes that, in the end, will lead to your gift. Notes put the alarm clock in the bathroom, the kitchen (the refrigerator, packing of tea, sugar bowl), in a pants pocket, coat, etc. the Latter will specify the place where lies the gift. Instructions accompany the playful words and warm words. Every man will be pleased.
Tie gift balloons, filled with helium, and put it in a bedroom when the young man will sleep. Waking up in the morning and seeing the ceiling a kind of balloon with a gift, he will be pleasantly surprised.
You can give a gift and personally, but not quite usual. For example, put some of the original outfit (e.g. dress of the court ladies of the 19th century), take a tray, put it on your gift and put it in a room. "Restartitis in front of the guy and feed tray. By the way, you can go in a sexy outfit. In this case it will have two gifts.

Advice 2 : How original to give a gift on birthday

Many people like to choose and buy gifts. The process of delivery of a present is almost always the same. You can vary the event to show imagination and ingenuity. The kids love the gifts that you have to look for or get with fiction.
How original to give a gift on birthday
You will need
  • - bright long ribbon;
  • - a lot of balloons;
  • - set of boxes of different sizes;
  • - gift wrapping paper;
  • - a gift.
Early in the morning tie a bright ribbon or rope to the bed of the child, guide her across the nursery. That was especially fun and interesting, more winds through the rooms of the apartment, obvorachivanie ribbon around chairs and other items. At the end of the road tie a giftthat you bought for the baby. The morning will begin with fun games, and that giving a gift will remember for a long time.
Instead of rope you can use flash cards or arrow drawn map with "treasure .
Hire artists for gift presentation. In many cities there are firms that will offer you a lot of characters to choose from. This can be the heroes of the famous and popular animated feature films or fairy tale characters.
More adult birthday you can surprise an unexpected gift. In a festive day hand man pretty boring mediocre gift, but one that will definitely come in handy in life (socks, towel, toiletries, money box). Inside carefully put the main gift (jewelry, a new mobile phone, a large sum of money).
Girlfriend or boyfriend you can play by buying a small gift, pack it in a suitable box. But this gift need to put in other big boxes. Deployed a bunch of bright packaging and meters of ribbons and bows "will decorate the room and cheer the birthday boy and guests.
The gift can be hidden in the room, the ceiling filled with balloons. This is a really fun and happy when the birthday meet friends and relatives in the house with gifts and colored balls.
Agree in advance with the sellers store where you purchased a gift that comes in a given day with a person will need to play. In the salon joyful servants will tell the birthday boy that he won the Grand prize and hand him the gift that you paid. Then of course, you'll say it's your idea, and the surprise you purchased.

Advice 3 : As a creative gift

Give gifts not less pleasant than to receive them. Especially if in advance to think through how you will present your gift to the honoree. Here the originality is to be welcomed. There are many interesting ways as you can creatively and outside the box to give a gift. The more unusual option you choose, the more likely it is that your surprise will be remembered for a long time.

As a creative gift

How creative to give a gift: 5 original ways

Method 1. To prepare a creative gift presentation, it is desirable to know more information about the room where will be held the festive event. So, if the celebration will be at the restaurant, you can connect to the process of giving its technical staff, musicians, waiters, cooks, etc, all clearly plan at the time so it didn't become annoying overlays.

For example, you have agreed with the waitress that she'll bring your gift which will be hidden in some sweetness, but this time the band will play favorite music of the celebrant. If you want to congratulate the woman, you can enjoy a performance of the Serenade dedicated to her personally. The birthday girl will be very pleased with such attention.

Of course, for this you will need to pay for additional services of the restaurant staff. But your gift will surely be the most original. Typically, such a method of delivery used by men when they want to propose to his beloved.

Method 2. You can organize a collective congratulation for the honoree. It will deal with many people, familiar and unfamiliar birthday to each of them in the day of his birth called or texted on Skype, email, ICQ your wishes. The celebrant will be pleased about that important date for him knows and remembers so many people.

Method 3. You can present a gift and so: just put it on the Mat at the door, press the bell and then run off a couple of flights of stairs. There you can hear everything that is going to happen.

Method 4. Wrap your gift in several layers of wrapping paper. Initially, the deployment will cause a slight surprise to the honoree, and then cheer him and others. Here the main thing – do not overdo it, will be enough for 3-5 layers of paper.

Method 5. If your gift is designed for a romantic evening, place the gift in the right size sealed container. Then wrap the wrapping paper. Then, using wire or fishing line attach to it a small container of water with floating candles. Handing the gift in the darkness, not forgetting to pre-burn all the candles. Be very careful that they should not fall. Romantic mood of your beloved will be provided.

How creative to give money as a gift

If you want to give money, do not do it casually. They can be hidden in a balloon bouquet, a soft toy or the packaging of multiple layers and colored boxes.

In respect of money or other gift will be important to make a treasure map on which you want to find pirate treasure. At each waypoint will be prompted where to find the next point. Your greeting will turn into incredibly addictive game.

Any way to give presents to the good when it shows how much you care about the hero of the occasion. And most importantly, no restrictions in the case of gift no - do what you tell your imagination.
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