Write for girlfriend greeting poems or find beautiful words wishing you happiness and joy in life. Read her poems aloud – it will be nice to hear from you.
Poetic suggestions can be made not only verbally but also in writing – send greetings via SMS, online greeting cards, and even conventional paper letters, if they will reach the recipient on time.
Every girl nice to receive a gift of flowers – this is another kind of original gift for a birthday, especially if the bouquet has an element of individuality: for example, printed on the petals are the names of the girls, or a nested greeting card that was hand made.
In order not to miscalculate with a wish, think about what your girlfriend likes and what they aspire to, wish her the fulfillment of those desires and achieving those goals of which she dreams.
Make for a friend an unexpected night of which she will not know until the birthday – invite common friends, set the table, come up with entertainment.
Bring an unsuspecting friend to where you had planned to spend the holiday and surprise her. Little persuasion all friends and acquaintances in advance so they simultaneously congratulated friend nice words or poem.
Don't forget to make beautiful gift friend is going to get a lot of fun unpacking the beautiful wrapping to see the long-awaited the thing hidden inside it.
And finally, do not forget that all your congratulations and speech must be sincere – then they really will bring her friend pleasure.