Advice 1: How to congratulate original girlfriend birthday

Birthday always want to do the most unusual day of the year, especially if we are talking about the birthday person who you value and who you value, for example, about my best friend. How to congratulate with happy birthday friend to this day remember her for a long time, and your gift to stand out from the mass of others? Think of the most original and unexpected greeting.
How to congratulate original girlfriend birthday
Write for girlfriend greeting poems or find beautiful words wishing you happiness and joy in life. Read her poems aloud – it will be nice to hear from you.
Poetic suggestions can be made not only verbally but also in writing – send greetings via SMS, online greeting cards, and even conventional paper letters, if they will reach the recipient on time.
Every girl nice to receive a gift of flowers – this is another kind of original gift for a birthday, especially if the bouquet has an element of individuality: for example, printed on the petals are the names of the girls, or a nested greeting card that was hand made.
In order not to miscalculate with a wish, think about what your girlfriend likes and what they aspire to, wish her the fulfillment of those desires and achieving those goals of which she dreams.
Make for a friend an unexpected night of which she will not know until the birthday – invite common friends, set the table, come up with entertainment.
Bring an unsuspecting friend to where you had planned to spend the holiday and surprise her. Little persuasion all friends and acquaintances in advance so they simultaneously congratulated friend nice words or poem.
Don't forget to make beautiful gift friend is going to get a lot of fun unpacking the beautiful wrapping to see the long-awaited the thing hidden inside it.
And finally, do not forget that all your congratulations and speech must be sincere – then they really will bring her friend pleasure.

Advice 2: Like to congratulate friend birthday

Advice 3: How to spend a birthday original

Each time on the eve of the day of birth birthday puzzles: how to celebrate the holiday so that it is remembered by the guests and relatives? Gatherings at the family table is all well and good, but if to make the occasion a little variety, originality, the party on the occasion of your birth, promises to be the best this year.
How to spend a birthday original
If you celebrate the day of birth at home, make from the threshold, guests plunged into the atmosphere of the holiday. Ask someone from friends to help you make an interesting Wallpaper on your life, at the entrance handing the medal of "distinguished visitor" and a conical cap. Think of (well, peeped on the Internet) funny games (without vulgarity).
Every year becoming more and more popular theme parties. Come up with a holiday theme according to your age and Hobbies. If you are celebrating a 20th anniversary, spend the day of birth in the images from the film "Stilyagi". For thirty years more important than career, and you can arrange a "meeting" is the business club, where guests wore clothes of business style and cards and gifts is award to the best employee of the year. Or make a "library party" - what are the meals well-known book titles, and each guest gives a library card.
Day of birth in nature are also not necessarily reduced to banal eating kebabs. Comic can arrange a lottery for each skewer. But if you have a certain place where you always relax together with your friends, make a tree of wishes – decorate it with ribbons and knotting, mean something to the birthday boy.
On the day of birth usually, guests give gifts to the birthday, but if "newborn" will grant guests comic surprises, this will surely be remembered by everyone. Remember, what motivates each of your friends, add a splash of humor and hand them gifts.
"Birthday" photo session will be a decoration of any holiday. To be photographed on the days of birth , and guests always love, but there is also a professional photographer come... Photos from the festival for a long time will stand in the place of honor each of the guests.
Useful advice
The most important thing is to be in a good mood and give it to all guests. Only cheerful, friendly, good holiday for a long time leaves a memory in the hearts of friends and relatives.

Advice 4: How to congratulate original friend happy birthday

Soon your friend's birthday. What to give? How to congratulate? After all, some gifts are gathering dust in shelves, but some remain in the memory forever, so make a lasting impression with its uniqueness. If you aspire to originality in greeting, you will help a few of the ideas presented below.
To make the birthday the original is not so difficult.
The first option. A collective newspaper.
For this gift you will need to gather a few creative activists from friends of the birthday boy. All together you can literally in one night to make a birthday a collective newspaper. It can be a lot of different sections - a common good memories, funny stories, greetings, wishes, photos, etc. the Newspaper must be large. It should attract attention for its design and brightness. This original gift you can just solemnly present to the birthday boy if he's not planning a holiday. If you are invited to the celebration, you can officially hang up the newspaper next to each other.
A variant of the second. Write a story, carrying out the dream birthday.
The essence of this surprise that you will need to compose a tale in verse or in prose of a charming Prince (your friend). There's much enough of your talent. In the beginning you can make several lyrical digressions on the subject of how to live your friend what he's into, what his qualities are the best and etc. In the middle of the tale should magically fulfill all the dreams and desires of the birthday boy that you know. Prince charming must be able to move mountains and become the best in the world. Praise and do it compliments of the birthday boy in a fairy tale, "creation" will not leave indifferent neither himself nor all invited friends. To the tale amused the guests take to write it with humor.

Finish your work congratulations and best wishes to the birthday boy: that everything in his life was able to make dreams come true, etc.

Such a story best read aloud to the author. To finish reading the appropriate toast and applause for the honoree.
The third option. Professional draw.

In this case, you will need to hire actors who will play professionally birthday, and to book a table in the restaurant for the celebration. If you collect a lot of friends, the more will be the money and rent the whole cafe.

Options draw quite a lot, something unusual and funny, you can advise the actors themselves who you invite to play the other. For example, the two guards holding the birthday boy on the way home in pretty rough shape, and under the cause of the drive to the police lead him to the restaurant (cafe), where they were waiting for a noisy company of friends. To meet the hero of the occasion should be loud greetings, so enhanced the effect of surprise.

Advice 5: How to congratulate with happy birthday best friend

For the best friend is not sorry and best gift to his day of birth. Long before this holiday you start thinking of the pleasant surprises that you prepare. Start to recall all the desires and dreams that were mentioned by your friend during this year. Using this information, organize an unforgettable party-congratulations.
How to congratulate with happy birthday best friend
Track concert program of your favorite band with your best friend and get some tickets for him, the amount depends on your physical capabilities. Try to contact the leaders or artists, ask them to congratulate a good man and their fan from the day of birth. This greeting your friend will definitely remember and will be grateful.If you can not attend the concert, organize a party at the club. Try to persuade your friend to be a DJ, invite your close friends, and the entire evening congratulating the birthday, in advance prepared speech.
Congratulations, you can write not only the banal postcard. Depending on your capabilities, order the inscription with a heart with the words on the banner in the place of the city where your friend her will. Put yourself greeting from led cords in the room of a friend or at work before the party, when buddy is busy with other things.On the street you can have fireworks and write kind words sparkling sparklers. Illumination on a tall building and the greetings that will bring carrier pigeons, very effective, but not always enforceable. The simplest way is to write on the pavement or the snow under the window of the birthday.
Hire a group of female dancers before they dance their passionate congratulated your friend. Of course, if he has a favorite, this issue needs to be discussed first of all with her! In the absence of the best friend of girls, the number of dancers should be great - for the good man did not mind.
Organization, preparation and decoration of the festive table - troublesome and very few people are pleasant. Do a friend a gift - cover chic table. For this he you himself to congratulate all night! Give him this idea, each guest to congratulate on such a great and wonderful birthday. "Newborn" he will say any good words about themselves, and invited to listen.
If your best friend is not timid, and all your pals are the same brave boys, come along to skydive on the day of birth. In advance write on pieces of white fabric paint congratulations, distributed between all the Bouncing. The instructor will organize your group and tell us how best to do this.
Well, if the holiday fell during the hot summer months - congratulations, you can write in the sand, place seashells. Organize scuba diving in a place where you have already posted words of congratulations and gifts. The celebration of the birth of the best friend in the winter, arrange to have someone at the cottage - away from the city noise, the crackling of burning wood even the most mundane words seem significant and special.

Advice 6: What to wish my best friend birthday

Best friends does not happen much, and that's a fact. And sometimes, that best friend – the only one, and therefore, her party need to prepare thoroughly. Choosing a gift is very difficult, but to come up with a greeting is not always easy.
What to wish my best friend birthday

Prince, white horse, all things

Without love wishes in this matter anywhere. Besides, who else than a best friend, know about matters of the heart. So I want to meet my soul mate (the real Prince on a white horse, pumped up athlete, fine gentleman for those who like it more). However, if a friend is already an object of adoration, of course, need to wish you success in the development of their relationship, trust, reliability, loyalty.


No matter how successfully developed a personal life, daily routine activities should not be forgotten. If the friend still in high school or undergrad, wish good ratings and easy learning will never be over. Less homework, tests or easy questions in the examinations, the machines at the credits – you name it. If the girl is already running, you may wish for career growth and more prizes.


Only best friends can joke each other and not be afraid that these jokes, they would be offended. So in this case. Humorous form of greeting has long been popular all more interesting to read a brief and light humorous moments than officious poetry and prose. You can even make it visual: comic etc.

About the birthday girl

Here you can wish what you friend for a long time and she genuinely wants. This, of course, can be material things, such as the latest smartphone or a handbag from the new collection of the popular designer. But it could also be that she wants a change or purchase (lose weight/gain weight, improve self-esteem, become more patient, etc.). However, in such moments you have to be careful – sometimes these wishes may seem offensive, so you can present them in comic form. But most often it is nice when they write "stay just like/just as I am" - that is, thus it is said that in this man all like and do not want to change anything. Especially nice to hear from a very close person, whom is best friend, she knows everything from the advantages and disadvantages of the ending.

Whatever the wish may be, the main thing that it came from the heart. To your main holiday friend wants to hear only the pleasant and joyful from her relatives. As they say, the main thing – not gift, and attention.
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