Advice 1: What to give for birthday unfamiliar person

A difficult situation, when a gift is necessary to give an unfamiliar person on the day of birth. Here too, you can get lost. What to give what to whom know practically nothing, because incorrectly chosen gift can not only hurt, but angry.
What to give for birthday unfamiliar person
If you had to choose a gift to an unfamiliar person, do not panic and do not worry ahead of time, of course, the choice of a gift for a birthday is a quite complicated task, but doable.

A gift to an unfamiliar person

To solve the problem of gift choice for the birthday person, which is bad I know, will help universal things. Most importantly, when choosing a gift you need to remember that it must be very beautiful and designed to bring joy to the receiver.

As a universal gift you can use beautiful vases handmade, exquisite Souvenirs. If a person works in the office, you can give him my notebook, original and beautifully designed, organizer with cover of embossed leather or table written set of mahogany.
These gifts will appeal not only to man but also woman.

Surely, no one would be mad packing gourmet coffee or tea collectible gift. A good addition to this gift would be a box of good chocolate or a bottle of expensive wine. A woman you barely know the birthday you can give kitchen utensils, or soft and bright blanket.

Gifts that don't need to give birth on the day of unfamiliar boys and girls

If you have been invited to a birthday party for strangers, do not give him animals. The birthday child may be allergic to certain animals or simply not have time to care for a kitten or a dog.

When choosing a gift a woman you barely know eliminate all decorative and caring cosmetics, perfumes and clothing. Such gifts require a good knowledge of the tastes and wishes of the donee. For the same reason it is not recommended to give books, CDs music and movies as well as season tickets for the dance or any sports.
There is a strong likelihood that such gifts the birthday boy will simply be indifferent.

Women you do not know, on the day of birth should not give accessories. In some cases it is even considered bad form.

If you do not know what to give unfamiliar women and men, present a gift certificate for a visit to the beauty salon or the purchase of cosmetics or perfumery. You can also give a subscription to a fitness club. This gift will be delighted not only women but also men, who also like to follow him.

Advice 2: How original to give a gift on birthday

Many people like to choose and buy gifts. The process of delivery of a present is almost always the same. You can vary the event to show imagination and ingenuity. The kids love the gifts that you have to look for or get with fiction.
How original to give a gift on birthday
You will need
  • - bright long ribbon;
  • - a lot of balloons;
  • - set of boxes of different sizes;
  • - gift wrapping paper;
  • - a gift.
Early in the morning tie a bright ribbon or rope to the bed of the child, guide her across the nursery. That was especially fun and interesting, more winds through the rooms of the apartment, obvorachivanie ribbon around chairs and other items. At the end of the road tie a giftthat you bought for the baby. The morning will begin with fun games, and that giving a gift will remember for a long time.
Instead of rope you can use flash cards or arrow drawn map with "treasure .
Hire artists for gift presentation. In many cities there are firms that will offer you a lot of characters to choose from. This can be the heroes of the famous and popular animated feature films or fairy tale characters.
More adult birthday you can surprise an unexpected gift. In a festive day hand man pretty boring mediocre gift, but one that will definitely come in handy in life (socks, towel, toiletries, money box). Inside carefully put the main gift (jewelry, a new mobile phone, a large sum of money).
Girlfriend or boyfriend you can play by buying a small gift, pack it in a suitable box. But this gift need to put in other big boxes. Deployed a bunch of bright packaging and meters of ribbons and bows "will decorate the room and cheer the birthday boy and guests.
The gift can be hidden in the room, the ceiling filled with balloons. This is a really fun and happy when the birthday meet friends and relatives in the house with gifts and colored balls.
Agree in advance with the sellers store where you purchased a gift that comes in a given day with a person will need to play. In the salon joyful servants will tell the birthday boy that he won the Grand prize and hand him the gift that you paid. Then of course, you'll say it's your idea, and the surprise you purchased.

Advice 3: What to give for birthday woman

Long before the day of birth of the woman the modern man perplexing question, what to get her. Although the stores a wide range of gifts and Souvenirs, it's hard to stop your choice. After all, what will appeal to one woman may not suit the taste of the other. For example, household the wife will be happy if you give her a food processor, and romantic lady to such a pragmatic gift can be frustrating. What should be guided, choosing a gift for a woman?
What to give for birthday woman

Ideal if you know the interests of his wife (girlfriend, girlfriend), her tastes and preferences. For the man who knows the woman and attentive to detail select gift will not be easy. But it happens more often: even knowing the woman quite a long time, it is difficult to understand what she really would have been nice to receive a gift. How to be in this case? Try to determine her psychological type.

1. Romantic lady

Women like this type of novels and movies about love, since the childhood dreamed to meet the Prince or the sort of hero who is ready for her crazy exploits. They also like to listen to romantic or sentimental songs, to enjoy the sunset and starry sky. Dreamy. An unforgettable gift for a woman must fully comply with read it in my youth books. Ideal romantic trip. However, you will have to decide based budget. As an alternative, you can organize a romantic dinner on the roof of the house or a picnic in a Park by a lake with swans. In the eyes of such women wealth - not important, but music or poems in their honor will cause them to have enthusiasm and delight.

2. Practical and rational nature

These women a beautiful bouquet or a romantic dinner would be considered rather an additional entourage to the main gift. In this capacity, suitable something useful and valuable. For example, a camera, pressure cooker, computer, telephone, set for sushi, depending on the preferences of the ladies. A month before the celebration, listen to what the woman said. Usually practical nature, as if in passing, begin to hint that they would like to have (to gift).

3. Capricious lady

These women are very difficult to understand because they want all the time different, their desires are periodically changed to the opposite. The best solution when choosing a gift for the lady is to clear themselves of all responsibility for his choice. For this you can buy a gift certificate of beauty salon, fitness centre, pool, luxury lingerie, Shoe or jewelry store.

4. Business-woman

The nature of business women are also peculiar: it has a value and creative/personal growth, and rationality. The best option of gift to a woman will pay any of the courses at its discretion or subscribe for Pilates, yoga, Eastern dances.

5. Sophisticated lady

The finesse of these women immediately catches the eye. Their main desire – to emphasize their individuality, and therefore the gift should be appropriate. For example, if the lady is a passionate collector of objects of art or Antiques, solemnly handed her a gift which she is not ashamed to show off to your guests. Or one that can be put in the most prominent place.

6. A music lover, or film buff

If the lady enjoys music or a movie, knows by heart the biography and filmography of your favorite artists, give her anything related to her passion: audio equipment, home theater, music or movies that she would like to purchase.

7. Athlete/bad ass

There is a category of women who climb the mountains, fond of diving, skiing, or roller, is wound kilometers on the bike, etc. For a woman to buy something from sports equipment or clothing. Extra credit bonus for you will be, for example, a bike ride with her company for a few kilometers.

Well, most importantly in the present - it's still not price, and attention. Because for women the main thing - to feel that she is beloved, desirable, unique and unrepeatable.

Is the advice useful?