If you had to choose a gift to an unfamiliar person, do not panic and do not worry ahead of time, of course, the choice of a gift for a birthday is a quite complicated task, but doable.

A gift to an unfamiliar person

To solve the problem of gift choice for the birthday person, which is bad I know, will help universal things. Most importantly, when choosing a gift you need to remember that it must be very beautiful and designed to bring joy to the receiver.

As a universal gift you can use beautiful vases handmade, exquisite Souvenirs. If a person works in the office, you can give him my notebook, original and beautifully designed, organizer with cover of embossed leather or table written set of mahogany.
These gifts will appeal not only to man but also woman.

Surely, no one would be mad packing gourmet coffee or tea collectible gift. A good addition to this gift would be a box of good chocolate or a bottle of expensive wine. A woman you barely know the birthday you can give kitchen utensils, or soft and bright blanket.

Gifts that don't need to give birth on the day of unfamiliar boys and girls

If you have been invited to a birthday party for strangers, do not give him animals. The birthday child may be allergic to certain animals or simply not have time to care for a kitten or a dog.

When choosing a gift a woman you barely know eliminate all decorative and caring cosmetics, perfumes and clothing. Such gifts require a good knowledge of the tastes and wishes of the donee. For the same reason it is not recommended to give books, CDs music and movies as well as season tickets for the dance or any sports.
There is a strong likelihood that such gifts the birthday boy will simply be indifferent.

Women you do not know, on the day of birth should not give accessories. In some cases it is even considered bad form.

If you do not know what to give unfamiliar women and men, present a gift certificate for a visit to the beauty salon or the purchase of cosmetics or perfumery. You can also give a subscription to a fitness club. This gift will be delighted not only women but also men, who also like to follow him.