Advice 1: What to give a friend a memory

Some people love to give gifts to your friends. The reason for this there are many birthdays, New year, Christmas, Easter, March 8, February 23, Valentine's Day. In addition, the gift can be presented to man just as a keepsake.
What to give a friend a memory

Dear gift for a dear friend

When leaving the person sometimes there is a desire to keep the memory about any gift. This is a tough situation to choose a gift for men. What gifts from the category of rather expensive suitable former lover? The man will surely enjoy the modern gadget: smartphone, tablet – you can use them not only for entertainment but also for work, especially one who is associated with the world of high technology.
Also as a commemorative gift suitable gold cigarette case, of course, if your ex young man smokes.

Business person, often in meetings and negotiations, useful gold cufflinks, an expensive watch company. If a girl wants to leave a memory forever, it can make engraving on the watch. You can give something for car: car audio system, GPS, or video recorder. Lover of sports come in handy modern, compact exercise equipment: exercise bike, cardio machine with counting calorie consumption and setting time of the classes or a real bike. You can do sports and reminiscing at the same time. Knows well how to count money, you can give a purse or wallet made of leather of good quality. To those who appreciate gold, you can pick up the signet ring.
Collector weapons you can present a set of knives, a musician – guitar, artist – quality paint is expensive.

Portrait for memory

However, the role of such a gift - just save pleasant memories. So we have to consider more affordable options. It may be odd shaped lighter, a gift (preferably writing, men are practical people) handle with the inscription of those places where a man and a woman, together visited. Photos it is better not to give, as this can cause unnecessary questions his future girlfriend. But his portrait, painted by the hand of a talented painter, a girl can present. The main thing that it does not contain any gifts labels. This portrait will serve, in addition to its direct purpose, interior decoration. You can present a small Notepad, as many men enjoy the diaries, especially those that are older. Good would also be a housekeeper or an unusual key ring. It is not necessary to give the alcohol (drink, cry and forget), chocolate (even just eat) and soap and bath products (will end soon). Choosing a gift for memory, you should understand that his main task is the preservation of pleasant memories, and therefore determine the choice of need precisely because of this.

Advice 2: How to choose a bike for girls

Women are different from men's anatomical structure - they have a shorter torso, the shoulders already, less than arm length, the smaller the brush, the wider the pelvis. These features take into account Bicycle manufacturers when they create models for girls.
How to choose a bike for girls
Sports stores are a line of bicycles specifically designed for women. These models are immediately apparent because of the structure of its frames is greatly reduced. Now this structure of the frame no particular reason, this design was created in the days when women did not wear trousers, but on a bike with a conventional frame in a dress not a train. Now the girls rarely go on a trip in a dress or skirt, because it is much easier to wear shorts or jeans. On the other hand, on a bike with a low frame much easier to sit down - it is not necessary to raise high the leg.
In addition to the low frame, women's bike models are equipped with a narrower handlebar, shorter rod, the wider the saddle. The distance between the wheel and the brakes levers manufacturers are trying to do less. Finally, the women's bikes are just beautiful - they have a more rounded shape, bright colors, interesting prints. If you need a bike for leisurely trips around the city should not suffer with the male model, feel free to take a female model and enjoy the care.
On the other hand, understated frame is strongly reduced stiffness, sport Biking with it. Actually on this bike it will be difficult to travel a great distance, so is not suitable it and as a tourist. Based on this, the girls, wishing to buy a bike for recreation, more suitable male model. Usually men's bikes small sizes are ideal for girls.
Otherwise, the choice of bike for girls is no different from choosing a bike for men: pick up the bike for your riding style, try to choose a model known companies with quality equipment, be sure to take it for a test drive in the store. If the bike is inexpensive, it must be a minimum of extra fixtures like rear shock, foot pegs, fenders, because these items will have a very low quality and will soon fail, better to buy a cheap bike with minimal equipment, as all resources in the production invested wisely.

Advice 3: What to give the friend who has everything

Friendship - a priceless gift, like love. A friendship to cherish, to take care of her and appreciate. When are we going to my friend's Birthday, each time faced with the problem of choosing a gift, especially if one earns well and doesn't need anything.
Most importantly - from the heart
If a friend is what material, practical gift to surprise him will be difficult. There is only one output - enable imagination, which to some extent is each person. My favorite and a win-win - photo collage from magazine clippings. Bought a large photo frame, what would she more, the brighter the effect of the gift. Under frame size chosen paper. Now take an old stack of magazines and begin to slowly, carefully flipping, cutting out those labels and pictures, with which is associated the other. In this process it is possible to connect all households, especially children. It is interesting and useful.

Now, paste the clippings on a piece of paper, leaving no white spaces. The whole paper needs to be tight-tight plastered with clippings. Also you can add a friend's photo or the poem-congratulations.

Such a gift your friend will never forget! The memory of a lifetime - check!
You can order another shirt/mug/pillow with your joint photos and some funny lettering. Also memorable original gift that your friend will hardly guess myself to buy. Also a memorable gift!
Can be mounted to other videos or to shoot a special film interview with other friends. To videos-survey: how they relate to the birthday boy and what do you wish him this day. Put touching slices to your favorite music each original gift is ready!
Bake him a beautiful cake with his name and Birth date. No matter how tempted was no man, he seldom can resist the outstanding culinary delights, the more homemade, the more from the heart your loving friend!
If your idea is brilliant, but time-consuming, then connect to the process of implementing other friends birthday, so it will be fun, and you will quickly be able to make a gift to a friend.
Useful advice
And be sure to recommend you nice to pack the gift and present solemnly! Maybe you will come up with some kind of ceremony with contests and quizzes.

Advice 4: What to give girlfriend for new year

New year - a holiday that brings home happiness, joy, hope, warmth and comfort. This is the time when people have the opportunity to show how much care about each other, and thank you for the love, friendship and loyalty. This can be done using the gift.
What to give girlfriend for new year

Women's stuff

A great gift for virtually any girl will be the makeup. It can be lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, powder, etc Even if your girlfriend enough of all this stuff, she like any other woman, will be delighted to wear it. Importantly, the products were high quality, you don't want your dear man is having problems with skin because of your gift?

If long and well you know the tastes of girlfriend, give her a perfume. To choose it should be based on girl character. If it is delicate and feminine – give her a subtle, soft fragrance, if she is very energetic – pick up a sharp, sweet perfume.


A gorgeous gift for girls will be the photo album. Lately few people print their photos. Typically, they are stored on the computer. Buy a beautiful album, and print your pictures. Beautifully complete your album by photos have blank lines, fill them with warm words. With this gift you can spend an unforgettable evening full of nostalgia and pleasant memories.


If your girlfriend loves to read, you can assume that the choice of a gift for you - no problem. Believe me, the lover of literature will not fail to rejoice in the interesting book in a beautiful binding. Find out just what genre she prefers, not to be mistaken.


If you want to, she thanked you, give her a pass, for example, dancing, fitness, aerobics, water-fitness, gym or even a plastic strip. If you think that a girlfriend does not have time to exercise, rest assured, she'll find him: do not go to waste subscription. Taking up her new occupation, she will be able to find their Hobbies, improve health, create a beautiful figure. In the end, she may be able to find a soul mate, if still single.


It is a good idea to give the tickets to some concert. If the city comes to her favorite music group, do not hesitate. Having bought two tickets, soon you will have a great time together.

A gift with heart

If you know how to do something with their hands, do not be lazy to do this for girlfriends. For example, if you have artistic talent, write her a picture. This is a wonderful gift, a memory of a lifetime. If you know how to weave beads, can embroider an icon beads or to weave a gorgeous bouquet from him.

The main thing is to give gifts with love. Then any surprises will be for your loved one unforgettable.
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