Dear gift for a dear friend

When leaving the person sometimes there is a desire to keep the memory about any gift. This is a tough situation to choose a gift for men. What gifts from the category of rather expensive suitable former lover? The man will surely enjoy the modern gadget: smartphone, tablet – you can use them not only for entertainment but also for work, especially one who is associated with the world of high technology.
Also as a commemorative gift suitable gold cigarette case, of course, if your ex young man smokes.

Business person, often in meetings and negotiations, useful gold cufflinks, an expensive watch company. If a girl wants to leave a memory forever, it can make engraving on the watch. You can give something for car: car audio system, GPS, or video recorder. Lover of sports come in handy modern, compact exercise equipment: exercise bike, cardio machine with counting calorie consumption and setting time of the classes or a real bike. You can do sports and reminiscing at the same time. Knows well how to count money, you can give a purse or wallet made of leather of good quality. To those who appreciate gold, you can pick up the signet ring.
Collector weapons you can present a set of knives, a musician – guitar, artist – quality paint is expensive.

Portrait for memory

However, the role of such a gift - just save pleasant memories. So we have to consider more affordable options. It may be odd shaped lighter, a gift (preferably writing, men are practical people) handle with the inscription of those places where a man and a woman, together visited. Photos it is better not to give, as this can cause unnecessary questions his future girlfriend. But his portrait, painted by the hand of a talented painter, a girl can present. The main thing that it does not contain any gifts labels. This portrait will serve, in addition to its direct purpose, interior decoration. You can present a small Notepad, as many men enjoy the diaries, especially those that are older. Good would also be a housekeeper or an unusual key ring. It is not necessary to give the alcohol (drink, cry and forget), chocolate (even just eat) and soap and bath products (will end soon). Choosing a gift for memory, you should understand that his main task is the preservation of pleasant memories, and therefore determine the choice of need precisely because of this.