With a strong desire to please a loved one on birthday, it's possible to prepare utilizing human resources, personal networks, social networks or enlist the help of a professional Agency for organizing events.

Congratulations to the raffle for friends

In agreement with the lifter (if the birthday one), you can organize a jam at the Elevator, but the guest of honor must not suffer from claustrophobia. But if he can boast of a strong nervous system, and the light can be turned off. To rescue the poor guy is a large group of friends and family with attached photos surprised face, with cheers or songs, with balloons and flowers.

If you have a friend Parking authority, and the "victim" - a car (preferably expensive), it is a sin not to take advantage of special equipment. Machine birthday transported in an unknown direction. And when the panic motorist reaches the highest limit, you can safely drive up even in a carriage with horses, at least for the limo full of cheerful friends and a solid bar.

This creative way to congratulate someone with birthday suit only if the birthday boy a lot of nerve. In the presence of friends of the traffic police can ask them a favor to help the draw. Car birthday stop on the road with the wording that is listed as stolen. The driver is in the official transport inspectors for trial, and in the meantime placed in the trunk, for example, fake drugs or what your heart desires. Checked the trunk, shocked by its contents played out, curls up and is accompanied by handcuffs in the place of celebration.

Quest for relatives with the involvement of strangers to the birthday people

Congratulations is a time-consuming, requiring a thorough preparation: a thorough thinking through of the script to match with the plans for the day celebrant, printing jobs, soprativlenie notes in appropriate places, attracting strangers and unfamiliar people. The idea is that the birthday boy in the morning gets the job with the plan of action and the place where to look for the next note. So from the user to the instruction it gets to the gift and a merry feast.

Song-dance flash mob

This action is afoot where exactly is congratulations, metro station, bus stop, work, etc. In social networks in advance the cry and rushes are going to wish to help the idea. Selected cheerleader is a choreographer who finds music provides a it in place and comes up to repeat a simple movement. Birthday boy on the idea, unwittingly falls into a crowd synchronously moving the people who at the end of the flash mob together congratulations on the birthday and give a gift.