When you select TV-tuner it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects. If you want to use this device in conjunction with modern LCD or plasma TVs, pay attention to the maximum resolution supported by the tuner. Confirm availability of digital data transmission channels, if required.
To connect to the same TV-tuner, you can use splitter. Unfortunately, the device almost always has a negative impact on image quality. Select TV-tuner, having multiple channels of video output. It can be the following ports: S-Video, VGA, DVI, and even HDMI. Be sure to check the ability to connect two TVs to this model TV tuner.
Connect selected TV tuner to AC current and connect it to the computer. Usually you can use the USB port. Connect the antenna cable to the appropriate connector of the tuner. Install the software supplied with the device. Run the program and configure the working parameters of the TV-tuner.
Now connect the tuner to the TV. It will have to use different channels. If the selected device has two digital outputs (DVI and HDMI), then use them. This will save a high quality image.
Turn on both TVs. Open the settings menu of each of them and go to "input Source". Specify the connector to which you connected the TV tuner. Connect the cable from the transmission audio signal to the corresponding ports on the TV. Note that most of these tuners can be used with computer monitors. Remember that the TV tuner needs to be permanently connected to the AC mains.