Install the latest version of the software appropriate to your graphics card. To do this, visit sites or depending on the manufacturer of your display adapter. Download the current version and install it. Restart the computer to complete the installation of the components.
Open display properties and click Advanced. Select "nVidia control Panel" or "Catalyst Control Center". In the opened menu, select "configure 3D applications" or 3D Settings.
For "Smoothing" set "Level (2)". As a filter it is better to use a Box. Disable anisotropic filtering. Either activate the item "Use application settings" or "per-Pixel samples".
Now in the menu "Level of detail in many images", set "High performance". If the graphics in the game is too low quality, the increase of this figure to the value "Productivity" or "Quality".
Be sure to select "Wait for vertical refresh" or "Vertical sinchronous". Set it to Always off. This will significantly raise the number of playable fps in many 3D games.
Choose the appropriate smoothing mode. If you want to ensure maximum performance of the video card, ignoring the image quality, turn off antialiasing or set the lowest quality. Disable triple buffering in the settings of Open GL. If you have a laptop, open the power settings. Be sure to turn off power saving mode for the graphics card. This will improve the performance of the video card when running on battery.