You will need
  • - Riva Tuner;
  • - Nvidia Control Panel;
  • - ATI Cotrol Center.
For overclocking netbook use Riva Tuner. It should be noted that this utility may not be compatible with some models of chip company AMD. Before working with the described program update the drivers for the video card and the motherboard of your netbook. Install Riva Tuner and run it.
Wait some time for the tool to analyze the necessary equipment. When the utility starts, click the Home tab. Click on the arrow located in the submenu "driver Settings". Select "System settings".
Check the box next to "Enable overclocking on the driver level". In the new window, click "Define". Select the 3D acceleration. Now change the position of the sliders in the "core Frequency" and "dram Frequency".
Check the box next to "Load settings with Windows". Click "Apply". In the appeared warning window, click "No." Close the program Riva Tuner.
Let us configure the operating parameters of the video card using the standard drivers. Just right click on the desktop and select "nvidia control Panel" or ATI Control Center.
Navigate to "Manage 3D settings". Open the tab "Program settings" and select the application whose settings will be modified video card. Disable the following features: vertical sync, antialiasing, anisotropic filtering and streaming optimization. Remember that disabling these settings will decrease graphics in many 3D applications.
Save the settings of your video card, click "Apply". Reboot the mobile computer. If after the changes the device will not run, open the safe mode of the OS. To undo the settings made in the program Riva Tuner. To do this, click "Restore" in the main menu of the utility.