You will need
  • computer;
  • - the video card.
To begin to solve the problem of cooling should be the creation of efficient heat removal from the hull of your computer only when this is done, you should start finding ways to cool most video cards.
To the cheapest and most common methods of cooling refers to air cooler. He can be active and passive. Active has a fan, passive is not. All reputable manufacturers equip card a good cooler. Their ability to provide normal operation for normal frequencies.
Manufacturers of lower class tend to save in production. They put as a thermally conductive interface which is located between the graphics chip and the heatsink, the thermal paste is not normal and slurred "termoplastico", for example, foil or strip. Such interlayers have only one advantage - they are cheap. After the purchase of such equipment, it is better to remove it, thoroughly clean the surface, Polish the sole of the heatsink and applied quality thermal compound. It can now be found without much effort, for example, Alsil.
Some video cards do not contain cooling parts for memory chips. If you have any need in overclocking such a card, you will need to understand its cooling. You can use ready-made sets of radiators. The stores offer a wide range of radiators. Or make it yourself if you have such ability and knowledge. Cooling of the video card in most cases, necessary for its dispersal. If you're serious about overclocking the video card, it is best to use water cooling. Its efficiency is much higher compared to air any cooler.