Remember that problems with potency indirectly affect all other spheres of life of men affect the General condition of his body. First and foremost, impotence is altered psychological state. Bad mood, nervous breakdowns, self-doubt, depression, insomnia and other diseases - all this is the result of defective sexual life. In addition, due to issues with potency problems arise in family life, the tense situation with his wife, and sometimes razvedennye causes of impotence - frequent stress, poor nutrition, pollution, fatigue. Mostly male power depends on nutrition and lifestyle. Eat right, take care of General health, the likelihood of problems with potency significantly reduced.
In order to maintain good potency, follow a few simple rules. First, the potency worsen the consumption of tobacco and excessive alcohol consumption. So, if you experience problems of this nature, immediately cut back on alcohol and quit Smoking. If you have a nicotine addiction, try at least to reduce the consumption of cigarettes to a minimum. Expose and change my diet. Eat more fish, vegetables and fruits. Greens eat mostly celery. In addition, increase consumption of nuts, especially almonds. Try to start drinking pomegranate juice - it is useful not only for potency but for the circulatory system.Strict dietary restrictions no, but keep in mind that not every product is useful for muscles, it is equally useful for potency. Meat can strengthen muscles, but it leads to the accumulation of cholesterol, which badly affects the potency, despite the fact that even the doctors sometimes say the opposite. If you can't completely give up this product, at least, reduce its use. In addition, is detrimental to potency considered unnecessary eating other foods with a high content of animal fats, e.g. butter. It is also associated with the presence of cholesterol.
In addition to diet, make a change in your lifestyle. Avoid stressful situations, more walk in the fresh air. If possible, change jobs if you have started a conflict with the head, because the emotional tension will worsen the situation. In addition, an important condition to maintain potency healthy sleep is. Should sleep at least 8 hours a day. You also need to give yourself a break. Don't overdo it, try to frequently experience positive emotions. And remember that only all the above tips will help you only if you use them all, not individually.