First and foremost, make sleep and rest. Constant lack of sleep adversely affects male potency. And keep in mind that most often the potency deteriorates because of bad habits. This means that you should try to minimize the use of alcohol and to stop Smoking.
To increase the potency helps increase in the diet proportion of protein foods – meat, eggs, cheese and milk. While the meat should not be fat, otherwise, contained in this excess cholesterol will cause the opposite effect. So give preference, veal, lean beef and poultry.
In addition to meat, there are other products that increase potency. They are also known aphrodisiacs. These include fish and seafood (mussels, squid, shrimp, oysters, flounder, etc.), dried fruits (especially figs and dates), honey, nuts (pine, coconut), avocado and chocolate.
Interestingly, according to the culinary traditions of many peoples, men's potency will certainly increase in the use of dishes prepared from the testes of animals, such as lamb testicles. Another widely known dish is an aphrodisiac - a salad of tomatoes, seasoned with garlic and olive oil.
Do not forget about herbs and spices, many of which also directly affects the increase in potency. This, of course, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, dill, and the aforementioned garlic.
A marked increase in potency may have a regular intake of natural herbal extracts of ginseng, Angelica, and Dubrovnik.
Of course, exercise also has beneficial effect on potency. In your gym program, be sure to include daily exercises for potency. Such exercises quite a lot: the most simple – tension and weakening of the muscles of the perineum, and squats (especially with weights).