Some men in life sometimes you have to face the challenge of maintaining sexual longevity. To increase the potency will help healthy lifestyle and properly composed diet.

What products should be included in the daily diet of men?

If you want to increase male potency, your diet should include a number of products. Sexual activity increases the vitamins A, E and b, since their main function is strengthening the transmission of impulses in the human nervous system. These vitamins are found in many nuts: peanuts, pistachios, hazel, hazelnut. Also the nuts have zinc, affecting the gonads and the regulation of blood male hormone – testosterone. The group of vitamins A, E and b can be found in the dates and prunes.

Another essential product to increase potency is honey. Good honey made from the flowers of Jasmine or marjoram. Very effective aphrodisiac would be the mixture of honey and nuts.

Almost every man must get from consumption of food high in protein. Fish and other seafood are ideal as a protein source. Among them stands out mackerel and flounder. In their composition contains a lot of vitamin E. the fish has not lost the useful properties in the cooking process, it is recommended to boil or simmer, not fry. Other useful seafood include mussels, squid, shrimp and crawfish.

When compiling a diet we must not forget about plant foods. On libido have a positive effect onions, carrots, turnips and mushrooms. They contain useful amino acids that improve sexual performance

What products should be discarded, to preserve the potency?

Erectile dysfunction cause alcoholic beverages: vodka, beer and other alcohol-containing cocktails. If you want to increase the potency, it is necessary to abandon caffeine, and energy drinks. Their use leads to severe cardiac stress and bad condition of the blood vessels.

Harmful to the potency of the foods that contain fat in large quantities: fast food, mayonnaise, hot dogs. It is desirable to abandon the sausages due to the large number of preservatives. Completely useless for potency are bakery products, you can give up pasta and potatoes, as though they do not affect virility but lead to obesity.