Never wear too wide things. This is one of the most common mistakes skinny people who think that the large things to hide their complexion. Say no to shapeless robes, oversized pants and loose t-shirts, such clothing only emphasizes the thinness, and allocates angular and skinny knees, hands and elbows.
Do not wear too tight clothes, especially shirts and t-shirts. Choose clothes for the upper body size a little larger than yours. You should not buy clothes made from adhering to the body tissue. To do this, always check the content of the elastic on the tag on the product.
Choose clothing from three-dimensional, textured fabrics – so corduroy pants increase the volume of the feet. In cold weather, wear woolen cardigans and sweater in a boxy cut. Buy thick cotton t-shirts and shirts, clothing of heavy wool. Try to dress in several layers to seem fuller.
Thin men with poorly developed muscles can be advised to wear blazers with shoulder pads that make the upper body muscular. Keep shoulders was a small, massive can turn you into a boy, wearing male clothes for adults. Also wear the jacket a certain length only to the buttocks. A shorter model will increase growth and make the figure thinner, lengthened the jackets do not look aesthetically pleasing on thin men, evoking associations with wrapped in a blanket with a stick.
Wearing classic straight trousers, never choose a pair of skinny jeans or tapered pants. Select model of trousers with pleats, pockets, cuffs as they add volume. Thin men are good sweater with boat neckline and high collar, and a V-shaped cutouts accentuate the thinness of the neck. When buying shirts, choose models with a wide collar to the upper part of the chest seemed broader.
Drawing on the shirts and t-shirts will also help to hide thinness. Wear shirts with horizontal stripes – is a very fashionable striped with cuffs and collars of a fabric with a different pattern. If the shirt without a pattern, it is possible to pick up the sweater with a horizontal stripe that extends the housing. Pants is best to choose a dark fabric.
If you wear a tie, pay special attention to his model, as this accessory catches the eye. Don't wear wide ties, tie a medium knot, such as "Windsor".