Stylish clothing involves not only elegant thing in your wardrobe and accessories, but also neatness, and cleanliness these things. Because dirty lost sort of thing is not really stylish.
To look stylish man needs nice and neat to wear, regardless of the situation. Clothing should be comfortable and chosen according to own preferences.
To get the clothes must be in accordance with age, social status and occupation.
Stylish men's clothing has always been associated with suits and business suits in pairs. But to the man do to look stylish in a suit, match it should be so that it is perfectly sitting on the figure, and the colors fit the color type appearance. In a well-chosen costume should be comfortable in all day.
But not only the costumes allow you to dress stylish man. A correctly formatted sets of pants and shirts, ensembles of sweaters and jeans also shape the style of men.
Stylish clothes are just unthinkable without the right accessories. A good watch and cufflinks, high quality shoes and belts, nice leather goods - briefcases, wallets and bags add style and bring individuality to the clothing.
Stylish wardrobe does not allow the same type of clothes and narrow color range. Expand the color range of clothing, diluting it with bright colors.
To dress stylish man needs considering where the plans to wear this or that thing. For everyday wear in free time or weekends, for leisure - perfectly will approach things in a relaxed casual style. This denim and corduroy pants, cotton fabrics and linen, knit shirts and sweaters. This style involves a freer choice of shoes - loafers, sneakers, athletic shoes.
For office workers or managers necessary in the wardrobe of things business style, classic suits and shirts. They should pick up the appropriate accessories - dress shoes, belts and cuff links to a conservative design.