Pick up corrective underwear. The stakes are very high. Linen need to buy clearly by the size is to never pressed and not hanging down. If you are the owner of large Breasts, you need bras at adjustable wide straps. Special high waist panty will help to make the hips and waist for a slimmer size. Slimming tights with a tight "shorts" will also hide the extra fat on the stomach and hips. The color of the tights to pick up the tone of clothing, so his legs will seem longer.
Do not buy bulky and baggy clothes, it will make you more bulky and shapeless. Clothes smaller is not the answer - it will emphasize figure flaws. Avoid too tight-fitting things, fine-knit - in them you will look larger.
If the upper half of the body more massive than the bottom, pick a bright, light and lush accents to the bottom and Vice versa, mask the top of the dark and adjacent things. In the case of chic bottom will mute the color of the lower things, and sweaters and blouse get bright to focus on the upper body.
Outerwear, jackets, jackets should be single breasted with one row of buttons. Any vertical lines on clothes visually pull the figure. The stripes and side panels of darker fabric visually clean in the waist and hips a couple of inches.
Dark colors accentuate the harmony of shapes. Your basic wardrobe should consist of dark gray, blue, brown and black shades. Outfits with color transition from light to dark of one color well model figure.
Pay attention to the clothes with longitudinal narrow stripes. Avoid horizontal stripes, they are fattening. A small geometric and floral pattern deceives the eye and hides the actual size.
Deep cleavage V shape visually lengthens the neck and make it slimmer and sleeker the entire upper part of the figure. Discard models with round or square neckline and the Ruche on the chest.
To look thinner, wear a tunic with high waistline. They perfectly conceal the tummy and plump hips. Look good things in combination with the dark pants or jeans.
Choose straight or slightly flared pants, they hide full hips. Arrow visually makes legs slimmer. Prefer dark jeans as bright or with threadbare panels accentuate the fullness. Pants and jeans must be of correct length, half to hide the heel.
If you like the dress - buy dress the envelope with the smell. This cut elongates the figure and shapes the waist.
Use jewelry. Beautiful decorations attract attention and draw looks from unnecessary details. Long necklace and earrings elongate the face and neck. Refrain from short and large beads - they emphasize the fullness of the neck.
Wear long scarves and scarves, they visually pull the figure.
Choose a large enough bag on the background is too small you will appear larger.
Avoid shoes with low heels. Only the high heel makes your legs slimmer and longer. Buy boots up to the knees, preferably with elastic tops.
Do not fill blouse in a skirt or pants, this division of the figure is not in your favor.