If you are still undecided with their own style, try to select it on the model. Find some celebrity with a similar body type and height, style of clothing which you like, and carefully examine what and how this person is.
If you have a tall and thin build, avoid clothing that visually lengthens your silhouette: slim fitted coats, coats and jackets, tight t-shirts, collar stands, vertical stripes, etc. Careful attitude to clothes of sports style.
Pay attention to the costumes. The best option for you are the classic models. Moreover, you may prefer a double breasted jacket with medium width lapels and two slits on the back. The jacket should not be long. The best length is to mid buttocks. Do not choose costumes with a smooth texture. Preferably, if they are frosted, "the Christmas tree" and other complex and expressive drawings.
You do not fit broad clothing: a voluminous, shapeless things will not make your figure lower, but the bulkiness or necklacesthe will give necessary. The clothes looked beautiful, she should definitely be the right size.
When you choose a shirt, give preference to those which have an average size collar, pattern with horizontal stripes (better if they are wide, not narrow), buttons, pockets, extra stitching, epaulettes and other interesting details. Just one clarification: do not wear more than one striped thing at a time. More masculine and broad-shouldered you will look by wearing a blazer or denim shirt. And the hands seemed too skinny and long, the sleeves of the blazer or shirt, you can drive up.
A little "zoom" you to people of average height can pants with a low rise. A good idea if the leg will be slightly expanded to the ankle. Slim pants can successfully tuck, and then the legs look lean and long.
To have your look completed, make sure that you add to the basic costume, some details, such as a scarf, a good watch on a leather strap, the bag. Well, if people's attention will be focused on high-quality shoes or boots. Balance figure, making it visually below, using the strap.
A huge role in creating your theme is color. You don't need to wear something dark and plain, if you don't want to be like a tall pillar. For you especially good for pastel colors, but if you need to wear darker, "or abuse" his tall contrasting colors. But of course, they must be combined with each other. What will be the top and the bottom, light or dark, depends on your proportions. In some people, the shorter is the torso, and some legs. It should be visually equal. More light color lengthens a particular part of the body, and a darker – shorter.
If you have a high rise and too tight physique, pick suits with side slits and trousers with pleats in front. Of "informal" clothing prefer cardigans, dark jeans, vests and jackets. To distract the gaze from the large hips can right combined clothes: dark bottom and top with expressive texture, pattern or pattern. At the big belly should do the opposite: wear a dark top and textured or light effort (e.g., corduroy pants or khaki pants).
In General, to understand what you need to wear, need to see it for yourself. Make it a rule to go shopping and try on different clothes and listen to the advice of stylists.