Choose pants that are suitable for growth. With proper selection of the legs when walking, do not ride up too high, but not kolokotsa on the asphalt. Correct length is when the lower front part is on the boot and forms a small room, and comes to the back of the heel. Please note that the pants length was about one inch above the floor level and from under them could be seen about a third of the Shoe.
Picking up the pants, keeping in mind that they should be fully covered by socks. The latter must be of sufficient length to bare legs when you have to sit down. An important condition is that the socks were the same color with pants or a few shades darker.
When buying pants pay attention to the bottom edge of the pant legs were hemmed inside a tight marginal band. This will protect the lower edge from rapid wear due to contact with shoes.
If pants are becoming costume top, know that the first to wear out faster. So try to order them two pair to one jacket. Classic rules do not contain a strict requirement that the suit was the same color.
Purchase pants, made of quality materials. Minor savings with their purchase can have a serious impact on the image. Always nice to see a toned man in a neat, fresh-pressed pants, than in shapeless folds in the pants with saggy knees.
When buying pants you need to know that high-quality models, usually have an inner lining to the knees, and the width of the lapel is on average thirty to forty inches, depending on the type of tissue. The classic versions have six or seven loops for threading a belt, and the size of their pocket is equal to the size of a man's palm.
When choosing pants, consider the size of the waist. During fitting ensure that the belt was loose enough to stick two fingers.