If you have a high thinness, use simple rules in choosing casual clothes.

Buy the shirt adjacent silhouette too loose shirt will not look good on thin figure nicely, but too tight will put your figure in an unfavorable light, further emphasizing the thinness.
The shirt should be loose enough, but it should not be baggy. Tuck the shirt into pants to create more volume in areas of the body.
Try to wear clothes of different colors with drawings or prints. Plain clothes – not too slender men, and experimenting with colorful accessories and fabrics will allow them to look original and beautiful.
Dark colors in clothes prefer light colors – dark, as you know, slim, and light, on the contrary, visually expands the figure. White, cream, light brown and light gray tones should prevail in your wardrobe.
For this reason, you should avoid things in a vertical strip – it visually lengthens and narrows the figure. Horizontal stripes, in turn, will make you appear wider and is a good decorative element in clothing.
Buy shoes with square or pointed toes. Rounded noses of shoes will not look harmonious with high growth and leanness.
Choosing pants, refrain from tight jeans made from stretch fabric. Prefer jeans and trousers a classic straight cut and flared jeans. These pants will add your figure in the volume, especially if they are present any prints.
If you wear business suits, avoid jackets with shoulder pads and grab them so they are sitting perfectly on your figure, not hanging on it. Pants to jackets, you need to choose high waist.