Get a set of basic things in neutral colors. For young men not burdened with a rigid dress code, jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and jackets. Choose quality blue jeans classic style – they go with everything and are appropriate and on weekdays and holidays. It's better to get two or three pairs, so the thing does not look worn and stretched.
Complete jeans top knit. For cool days fit turtleneck. Buy model of a mixture of cotton and viscose – these sweaters hold their shape well, do not crease, are not covered by the leads and "pellets". The best selection of sweatshirts in black, dark grey and dark blue . For warm weather you will need a t-shirt. Buy several and change them daily.
To give the image more presentable, add a turtleneck jacket. Young guys don't fit a heavy double-breasted models made of textured fabrics. Buy single-breasted jacket from thin wool in winter and a similar cut from crisp cotton for summer. Do not get carried away accessories. Jersey does not require additions in the form of cufflinks and ties.
Respectable coat Express more Mature colleagues. You go the jacket of waterproof fabric or thin leather. It can be supplemented with long wide scarf low-key colors.
When choosing clothes, consider the characteristics of their appearance. The owners of muscular torsos do not go to classic jackets. But it's thin knitwear – cardigans, sweaters and turtlenecks sit at the shapes perfect. But if you have the stomach, it is not necessary to cover it with jumper – wear pullover or single-breasted jacket. The jacket will help those who have too narrow shoulders – it will balance out the silhouette and make the shape more proportional.
Pay attention to the colors. Blonde with reddish hair and fair skin are lichen green, brown and beige, dark hair and dark – black, grey and blue shades.