When choosing clothes, consider the characteristics of its shape, appearance, and the nature and style preferences. Clothing should be appropriate for you, you have to like yourself in it – and that means you need to spend time on the selection of suitable styles and colors.
Every man in the wardrobe should be classic business suit. Suit you can choose between American style and English, and European. American suit features straight-leg pants and single breasted jacket with three buttons. This suit looks good on big men.
If you have an athletic figure, you will approach the English fitted suit with slits. This costume is well accentuate the figure, thanks to its formfitting silhouette. Slender men of small stature will fit European style business suit – single breasted jacket two buttons, which expands the height, and straight pants.
The costume should fit you like a glove – so be sure to measure all models that you like. Unbuttoned and buttoned, the jacket should sit on the figure, not puff up and does not stretch. The sleeves and the Trouser should be of a suitable length. The jacket should end below the buttocks, and the edge of the pants should hide the sock, even in the sitting position.
The color of the suit pick up depending on the event and your personal wishes. The most versatile color is black and grey and dark blue.
In less business and formal setting, you can replace the jacket neat and clean with a sweater or cardigan. Color pants, shoes and sweaters or shirts should be combined so as not to cause disharmony in your appearance.
Do not forget about outerwear, which can be successfully combined as formal wear or informal attire of jeans and pullover. A leather jacket or styleing coat well with scarves, scarves and men's bags.