If you decide to take on this mission — it is fashionable to dress your guy — start with the study of the topic. You should be interested in not only women's fashion, but also to understand the male. To determine what to wear today, reading magazines and browsing through the relevant pages on the Internet.
Don't rely only on your opinion. Before a solid "remake" the image of the young man try to enlist the independent opinions of friends or any people with good taste that guy really looks bad and does not know how to dress. Maybe it is to him you too critical?
Admit to yourself honestly, are you interested in the very fashion and can you dress with style. If you doubt your taste, you should seek the assistance of the person who possesses the necessary qualities and knowledge, it is best to the stylist professional.
But remember that you have a great advantage over the pros. You know (or can learn) the character of your young person and his tastes. When you consult with the stylist about the selection of clothes, tell him about what kind of guy you see him as you do.
Even if the guy wears an old-fashioned, keep in mind his preferences. Keep in mind, what is fashionable is not what is currently worn by all, and the fact that best accentuate his image and what he will feel comfortable and confident. For example, if he is not even 30 years old, and he does not like to wear suits, should not try to pull them up on it. In these clothes if she doesn't like, he will still look ridiculous. There are many fine sports jackets, pullovers, pants and jeans that mu probably would be perfect.
If you see that the guy made the wrong choice in the store, don't resist and tell him something hurtful. His tastes must also be respected. Just try to calmly explain to him why this thing is not suitable. Good arguments will always find a way to the consciousness of men.
Evaluate your financial possibilities. If you are not able all the time to buy very expensive clothes, it is hardly necessary to spend money to purchase something one super-duper-fancy. This fashion typically is changing rapidly and, in addition, there is a danger that this thing will look on the young man alien element, especially if the rest of the clothes look cheap. In this case it makes sense to choose things average price and good quality.
Man subconsciously wants to be "most-most" if not all then at least in the eyes of his girlfriend. And at the same time most of them believe that the cost of fashionable clothes are too big and do not make sense. Try to convince your boyfriend that perfect clothing you really like, attracts interested looks from other girls, and that it is very flattering.
If your boyfriend hates to shop and choose the clothes, you can it a little easier. Some wardrobe items you can try to buy it yourself. For example, it is easy to buy a garment. For this you only need to know the size and growth of the kid. You can consult the sellers. But pants, jackets and jeans you can take a chance to buy only if your guy perfect figure. Often still need careful fitting. To get out of the situation, you can try to go with the guy in those shops that sell branded stuff. Typically, manufacturers produce them in a certain style for a certain type of figures. If a label with a guy you liked, then you can select and order for him fashion items in the catalog. So you will save time and frustration, and your young man will always be dressed fashionable.