On the official website on the "Information entered in the Unified state register", you can obtain on request information provided by the organization at the time of registration, as well as information about available licenses, registration as insured in the funds and information about registration. Free you'll be able to learn the following details of the company: its full name, legal address, codes - bin, UAH, INN and KPP.
On another official website of the "certificate of incorporation", you can request an extended certificate of incorporation, which will indicate details of your company. Information about third-party organization can only be granted to public authorities, other state bodies, courts and bodies of state extra-budgetary funds. On the provision of information about the banking details to a third party, under paragraph 23,PP. b "of the Ordinance to EGRUL", there is a ban. It concerns both individuals and legal entities.
On the websites of some cities such as Saint Petersburg, as a charged service by ordering which you will be able to know the banking details of businesses registered in the city. Their INN begin with region code number 78. If the first request information, the request will be provided free of charge.
To get information about the details of the company, including a Bank, you can, by making a request to the tax inspection with the decision of the court. The reason for this is the Federal law "On enforcement proceedings". Its provisions give a right to the claimant having a valid Executive document, get registered in the tax body of information about the debtor's accounts, open them in banks and other credit institutions.
To get information about the details of the company-debtor, define its territorial identity and the tax authority where it is registered. Write a letter to the head of the tax inspection with a request to provide information about their existing debtor accounts. Attach to the application a certified copy of the writ and the power of attorney, if on behalf of your organization will act in its representative. Information on request tax you are required to provide within 7 working days.