You will need
  • 1. The extract from the register to EGRUL or egrip
The objects of enterprise is a legal entity, organization, individual entrepreneurs, representative offices, branches. OKPO is intended to identify the business entity of the Russian Federation, this code is used in the information system of Rosstat, is used as the identifier in the case of interdepartmental sharing.
Find the enterprise organization at one of the sites that offer these services, for example, www.okpo.EN, which includes round-the-clock access to the database of enterprises and organizations of Russia online. On this website you can get information from egrip, register, EGRPO. It is possible to search as in the OKPO code and other parameters: tin, bin, address, full name, name of the company.
You can learn of enterprise organization, making a request to the office of Rosstat on receipt of the letter with assigned statistics codes. In order to send this request, you need to specify your branch of Rosstat requirements for the necessary documents. You can be in control of Rosstat personally or send a query letter or through a request to the Internet site.
In order to learn of enterprise organizations need to provide the following documents: OOO, and individual entrepreneurs shall provide the relevant extract from the register, as last amended.
Company and provide: a current extract from the register with data on the latest developments, a copy of the Charter and an extract from the register of shareholders.
Along with the codes OKPO of your organization in the information of Rosstat letter will contain the following information: OKATO code (national classifier of administrative-territorial divisions), NACE codes (Russian national classifier of economic activities) codes OKOPF (national classification of legal forms), codes OKFS (all-Russian classifier of forms of ownership).