One of the basic requirements for registration of a legal entity is the organization has a legal address. Under the legal address of the organization understand and find the address of the Executive body of the legal entity. The Executive body of the organization is the head.
In most cases, the actual and legal addresses do not match. It is therefore very important when signing the contract, to pay attention to the presence in the details of the partner, legal and actual addresses. The organization can change the actual address each month, but to change the legal address more difficult. With the change of legal address you need to make changes in the constituent documents, notarized application, pay the state fee for registration actions associated with entering information into the unified state register of legal entities, and it is not easy and takes time.
If the organization changed its address location, and you need to find her something easier to start with a legal address. If you are in the contract passed copies of constituent documents, legal address can be found in the Charter of the organization. If copies of documents are not provided, it is possible to appeal in Federal tax service and request an extract from the unified state register of legal entities For the provision of extracts required to pay the state fee.
There is an easier way to know the legal address of the organization. To do this, go to the website of the Unified state register of legal entities, which is owned by the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation, fill out the required fields and receive information. For more information via the website you need to know: the basis of the state registration number (OGRN) individual taxpayer number (INN) of the legal entity. To fill out the organization name, the organization name is written out in full without abbreviations, if it is a limited liability company, and you have to write, you can't replace the abbreviation LLC.
Through the Internet you can find many references of organizations where you can also find information on legal entity, but to check the accuracy of the information difficult. Typically, the reference form on the basis of the unified state register of legal entities, but it is unlikely that the creators of the directories trace changes in it.