You will need
  • - passport;
  • - power of attorney;
  • - the application for the certificate of incorporation;
  • - fountain pen;
  • printing;
  • - postage envelope (if sending documents by mail;
  • - money for court fees.
To the extract can as registered in the tax inspection, if the functions of registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs assigned to one authority in the region (in Moscow it IFNS-46) and in the territorial tax inspection.
This will require:
1. To make an application for the receipt of the statement.
2. Pay the state duty.
3. Bring documents in the tax.
4. To pick up the extract.
A single sample of the application for provision of statement no. You only need to specify the name of the legal entity and its tin and bin. Also need the name of the tax Inspectorate, where the application is filed, date, signature and stamp.
It is also desirable to enumerate what information must contain statement.
The main information are: bin, legal and actual addresses, details of founders, data on the documents provided during registration, share capital, name, surname, patronymic, position, passport data and INN who can represent the legal entity without power of attorney, data licenses, if available, data on branches and representative offices.
If the application for discharge submitted by the employee, not entitled to represent the organization without power of attorney, you need to write out the document to him. A power of attorney for delivery of documents and receipt of the statement shall be signed by the head of the organization and seal.
Before the visit of the tax must also pay the state duty. However, if you take an extract of a private organization and have the opportunity to wait five days, it is not required.Urgent statement will cost 400 rubles. Extract the counterparty - 200 rubles simple and the same 400 urgent.
To pay a fee from your settlement account or in cash through a branch of Sberbank on the details of the tax inspection.
An application in working hours to include in the tax personally or sent by registered mail. The first option is more time consuming, but the statement will be ready faster. Second, if you want to get a statement by mail, do not forget to write about it in the application.A simple statement could be ready within five calendar days, urgent - on the next working day.After waiting this period, come with your passport and power of attorney in the tax and collect the completed document. Or waiting for an answer via mail if asked the Inspectorate to provide a statement in this way.