You will need
  • - Internet
Determine the code selection. If KPP (registration reason code on the account), then the easiest way of getting information section of the website of the Federal "Electronic services". In the submenu "Check yourself and the contractor" menu of electronic services it is necessary to complete a search query.
In the open electronic form, the Information entered into the Unified state register of legal entities, enter information in required fields is "OGRN/GRN/INN" or "the Name of the organization". Also offers additional items in the form of a search query is "Address", "registration date" and "Subject of the Russian Federation".
If you know only part of the name of the organization, when filling the request, indicate the original part, excluding special characters, quotation marks, and the legal form. The format of filling in the date of registration DD.MM.YYYY, a subject of the Russian Federation is selected in the directory.
Read the rules fill the request on the website of the tax Inspectorate of Russia by clicking on the blue highlighted phrase at the top of the screen "rules".
After filling in the fields, including one of mandatory, enter a numeric code. If you leave this position blank, including incorrectly filled, the search will fail. The clue is in the form of a red field indicates that you must enter the code. Clicking "Search" will display the information block, including transmission organization.
Specify required codes of the organization, for example, the NACE codes of economic activity) or OKPO classifier of enterprises and organizations). This can be done using the extract from the Unified state register of legal entities. to Order and receive this information document may in its tax inspection only to authorized person of the organization. The process of obtaining a certificate of incorporation (egrip) is a government service tax inspection, free of charge.