As a rule, when slight hepatomegaly no symptoms of anxiety. But if the process dragged on, the person begins to feel heaviness in the abdomen. Most of the diseases of the liver accompanied by nausea, weight loss, jaundice and chronic weakness. To identify the cause of ailments it is necessary to conduct a number of tests, so you need to consult a doctor. Reasons for enlarged liver a lot, but the main ones are viral infections, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, alcohol abuse, certain medications, toxins, genetic disorders.Hepatitis – liver inflammation with subsequent necrosis of liver tissue sections. The main reason of the disease are viruses, alcohol consumption, the stagnation of bile in the liver. There are acute and chronic hepatitis. The symptoms include enlargement of the liver, decreased disability, pain in the right upper quadrant, fever, yellowness of the whites of the eyes and skin, belching with bitter taste, darkening of urine, etc. In the blood of a diseased person is found typical for hepatitis changes: increase in bilirubin, specific markers of viruses.Cirrhosis of the liver. To this disease can cause fluoride poisoning, antibiotics, arsenic. But in half of the cases of cirrhosis is viral hepatitis undertreated. During this disease kills the cells of the liver, causing dangerous changes in the liver and dysfunction of the whole organism. This leads to problems with digestion, changes in stool, exhaustion, chronic jaundice. If time does not take action, the symptoms become brighter. Appears temperature, sharp pain in the abdomen due to the fact that the liver is increased. Possible stool and vomiting blood, abdominal dropsy, the skin of the abdomen you can see the pattern of veins (a symptom of the head of Medusa). Also causes of enlarged liver may be autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, congestive heart failure, venous thrombosis, blocking the hepatic veins.