Causes of liver enlargement

The liver accumulates excess fat to use them as "building materials" for the synthesis of hormones and enzymes that control metabolism in the body. Fat accumulates in the form of free fatty acids, which are a strategic reserve for the functioning of the whole organism. The mechanism of liver fat accumulation in different categories of patients develops differently. In a patient who abuses alcohol, the liver uses fats to protect the liver cells from intoxication. The ladies sitting on a strict diet, another cause of fatty liver is the creation of a stock of essential fats for the human body in the case of a rigid diet, then starvation. The third category of patients with fatty liver is the basic those who like to eat.

The mechanism of fatty liver

With the development of steatosis (fatty liver) fatty bubbles and increases intracellular compress the calf. First burst of their shell, then a common membrane of all cells and destruction of liver cells becomes multiple. Inflammatory process begins – the fatty inflammation of the liver.

Signs of steatosis

Appears aching in the right hypochondrium after meals, which do not pass after taking choleretic drugs. The diagnosis to be confirmed during ultrasound examination. Moreover, in some cases, it may be increased levels of liver enzymes in the blood (bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase), but fat is definitely the high content.

Treatment of fatty liver

Modern medicine offers to combat this disease with drugs, but compliance with the recommendations to restore the health of the liver, which are strictly binding.
It is first necessary to reconsider the diet. To avoid fatty meat and dairy products as main sources of free fatty acids. Replace them with fish and vegetable oils that is safe against the development of steatosis.
It is necessary to refuse food that contains high calorie fast utilizable carbohydrates (sweets, honey, grapes, cakes, ice creams, etc.). Replace these foods slowly digestible carbohydrate, rich in fiber food – vegetables and fruits, branny and rye bread, baked potatoes etc.
It is impossible to drink alcohol and to eat dinner after 7 PM.
Physical activity is essential to combat fatty liver.

Herbal medicine

Considerable assistance will have medicinal herbs – an infusion of celandine, milk whey on the celandine (Bolotov), a decoction of oat, infusion of tansy, yarrow, immortelle. Effectively cleans the liver from cholesterol tubes a mixture of vegetable oil with lemon or grapefruit juice, etc.

The steatosis a bad sequel of chronic liver inflammation is steatohepatitis. To the right upper quadrant pain, elevated liver enzymes in the blood, is added to the overall weakness and fatigue. In contrast to steatosis in seagatea, without drugs, strengthening the shell of the hepatic cells, is not enough. Apply Essentiale-Forte, Essliver-Forte, Kars, Ursosan, Ursofalk.
It should be remembered that any treatment will go in vain if you continue to eat wrong and "friends" with alcohol.