If the results of the hormonal analysis, the rate of TSH is exceeded, this may indicate the following disease:
- hypothyroidism

- insufficiency of adrenal function

- severe mental illness

various tumor (a tumor of the pituitary gland and others)
During pregnancy, high rate of TTG is normal. In addition, elevated TSH levels may occur because of taking some medicines, (x-ray contrast media, anticonvulsants, etc.) and exercise.
Low TSH may indicate this diagnosis as:
- injury on the pituitary

- hyperthyroidism

- decrease in pituitary function
Besides this blood test for TSH may show a decline in its level as a result of therapy with preparations of thyroid hormones, psychological stress or starvation.
There are many reasons for the increase or decrease of the pituitary hormone TSH. However, accurate assessment of your body, based on the results of the analysis can only provide a professional endocrinologist.