Allocate the list of hormones in the verification which may be necessary. Thus, in the direction of a doctor to be tested for thyroid hormones, sex hormones, tumor markers, hormones of the pituitary and adrenal glands. Also, blood hormone studies can be assigned to the expectant mother for prenatal diagnosis. Undoubtedly, before taking any kind of hormones should be mandatory to consult with your doctor, who will talk about preparation for this kind of analysis.

How to prepare for the delivery of the analysis on hormones

There is a list of tips, which should be read before delivery of the biomaterial. Otherwise, the results may be inaccurate, leading to incorrect treatment assignment. It is necessary to consider that the analysis of blood on hormones it is necessary to pass necessarily in the morning on an empty stomach.

Usually, blood is taken from veins in the elbow bend. It is advisable for a few days before the date of this analysis, to exclude products containing iodine. In addition, it is advisable not to eat fatty and fried foods, alcoholic beverages, refuse from nicotine and excessive exercise. Women ought to remember that hormone levels that regulate sexual function depends on the phase of the menstrual cycle, so the analysis of blood on hormones should take 5-7 days from the onset of menstruation.

The results of hormonal tests could be distorted due to taking many drugs, such as Phenazepam" or "Reglan". It is therefore imperative that all medications the patient is taking, was cancelled a week before giving blood for hormones. It is very important to inform the doctor about any existing medical conditions. This is due to the fact that most diseases of the internal organs help to reduce or increase production of hormones.

What to do after delivery of a blood on hormones

After the result of this study will be ready, you must visit a specialist with the purpose of diagnosis and treatment. To restore the hormonal background is not easy to correct, and to correct the reason which caused the imbalance. So this kind of tests need to pass several times in order to avoid laboratory errors associated with the decoding result. Thus, delivery of hormonal test for several times to verify the existence of this problem or not.