Make sure the dog is healthy, and the need to increase appetite is present. This will help the veterinarian or an experienced breeder. Rate the fatness dogs: ribs palpable in normal, but not bulging. Belly tucked up and not sunken in. The ischium does not look sharp, and the joints have no visible bulges.
упитанные собаки
If the dog began to refuse to eat suddenly or gradually loses appetite is a symptom of the disease. Contact your veterinarian for a complete examination. Physiological cause of appetite can be lack of activity, estrus, pregnancy. In the heat the animals usually eat much less without any negative effects.
как помочь йорку набрать вес
Start by increasing physical activity: walk more with the dog. Arrange active games on air. Mature, well-developed pet can be trained to tow a skier or Jogging next to a Bicycle. Puppies this load is invalid.
Чем кормить новорожденных котят
Correctly feed your dog. Food given strictly two or three times a day. The daily rate is divided into equal parts. At one time the dog got to eat all the share of the feed. If the bowl has something left – remove leftovers until the next feeding and next time put as much less. When the animal is accustomed to eat everything that is given, the amount of feed is gradually added to recommended.
как продать собаку
If only the load and discipline does not help, you can use the bitterness substances of vegetable origin used to improve appetite. For dogs is recommended to use the infusion of wormwood or dandelion roots. A tablespoon of minced raw pour boiling water, insist 15 minutes. Apply one tablespoon of strained infusion half an hour before feeding.
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