The power dog after a year

As the year and a half years, depending on breed, the dog is considered a puppy is at this age she needs. Kids up to 2 months fed 6 times a day, from 2 to 3 months – 5 times a day, from 5 months to 1 year old puppy for three meals a day, and after a year the young dog should be translated to two meals a day.

как кормить щенка в 2 месяца

Some dog experts suggest gradually, for 2-3 years to teach the dog there is only 1 time a day, but the majority still believes that the optimal feed active and moving animal, especially if it is a working dog, twice after morning and after a night out. One shouldn't treat an animal like a capricious child and offer him food some time later after he had abandoned him. There is no need to leave uneaten food in the dogs bowl.

можно ли кормить щенка йорка детским питанием

If the dog refused the feeding or, a little eating, distracted by other activities, consider that your master's duty you performed and the dog just Agolada. Allot for feeding no more than 15 minutes, after which the dog should be only one bowl with fresh water. This mode of feeding disciplinarum animal and gradually the dog will quickly eat all that she put.

как нужно кормить собаку и чем

But in the case when an adult dog has already been accustomed to this feeding, refuses to eat, watch her behavior – she's probably not healthy. Animals, like humans, the rejection of the familiar and favorite food can serve as a signal about the disease.

Чем кормить собаку после родов

How to feed a dog

Remember that your mistakes can cause chronic disease in dogs. Don't feed her those foods from your table, which you consider to be delicacies, meat and fish smoked meats, aged cheeses, spicy, salty and sweet should be strictly prohibited. Puppies whose permanent teeth have not yet formed, it is impossible to give bone. A tubular bone of a bird with sharp shards can destroy an adult animal.

кормить бойцовую собаку

Adjust the daily rate of feed depending on the size, age and physical activity of your pet. If the day he spent with you on the nature in the bustle and games, the amount of food should increase. When enough of the feed, an indication of this is normal fatness, not hiding the well-developed muscles. In that case, when the dog seems thin, consult your vet and if necessary, increase the daily rate. Remember that perekallia dog, you provoke the obesity, which leads to heart disorder.