Advice 1: How to feed a Shar Pei

Some Shar Pei owners complain that their animal is clumsy, and obviously overweight, smells bad and looks untidy. To get rid of such problems, you just need to adjust the nutrition to feed the dog properly and fully.
How to feed a Shar Pei
Feed your pet twice a day. Puppies of a Shar Pei before reaching three months of age feed three times a day, then gradually transfer the pet on two meals a day. Representatives of the breed prone to digestive problems (volvulus), which, when abundant food may increase.
Do some calorie counting. The Shar-Pei often suffer from obesity, so you can tailor your nutritional value of the feed and activity level of the animal.
Discard fodder with sweeteners. When sedentary lifestyles decrease the amount of calories, consider feeding dog food for older animals with a lower protein content.
Choose the right utensils. Plastic and vinyl bowls is better to throw. Buy a ceramic or steel bowl – so you will reduce the risk of contact Allergy to zero.
Do not feed your dog "human" food. Thermally processed foods from our table cause allergies in Peiwhose body is not adapted to digest this kind of food.
Mix dry food and canned food. Feed the dog canned food but it is better to mix them with dry food, otherwise the dog may abandon the usual food. Do it rarely, do not give the opportunity to the dog to refuse dry food.
Do not feed your dog by force. Some sharpei may refuse food and eat once a day, and sometimes two. Do not force the dog to eat so she adjusts your weight.
The "trick" Pei with increased appetite. Add to food is hearty but low-calorie foods – for example, the pumpkin. Such supplements will be useful and will allow the dog quickly sated.
Support the body with vitamins. This rule applies to older dogs and dogs that need extra fortification.
Think about the transition to a raw-meat diet. If your pet still suffers from the symptoms of allergies, try feeding him raw meat products (starting with stone).

Advice 2 : How to feed a Shar Pei puppy

One of the important points that needs to pay more attention to your Shar-Pei has always been in great shape is diet. That is why feed a puppy , you need high-quality and well-balanced food. Food growing Pei should contain about 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat.
How to feed a Shar Pei puppy
Many breeders suggest to use a ready feed brands. This food will be much better for your puppythan any other, prepared you, even using the highest quality products. Choose feeds that do not contain preservatives, artificial fillers, dyes, and soy, as their presence in the diet of a dog can cause serious problems with wool. For a puppy the Shar-Pei suitable feed containing chicken, Turkey, lamb or salmon.
Let your puppy only the food which he eats well, has normal stools, a healthy coat and proper weight. Please note that the finished feed premium and super premium are composed of essential minerals and vitamins that ensure the normal growth and development of the dog.
Adjust the amount of food. In this case, focus on specified by the manufacturer daily rate. Puppy the Shar-Pei should be fed 4-6 times a day. An adult dog should eat 2 times a day, so gradually within one year, reduce the number of feedings. Don't forget that the dog must always be in a bowl of clean water.
Feed the puppy only after a walk. If the dog refuses to eat, don't need to change it to a more delicious, simply remove the bowl until the next feeding. Bowl puppy needs to be at the level of his chest, so you need to install it on a stand. Half an hour before feeding soak the food in warm boiled water.
If you do decide to feed puppy natural products you can use the following recipe. Three teaspoons of vegetable oil fry the finely chopped carrots and onions. Top up with water and pour rice or buckwheat, simmer for five minutes, Remove from heat and let stand for thirty minutes. In the finished porridge, add raw lean meat. In the cooking process you can also add vegetables such as zucchini, pumpkin or cauliflower. The puppy at feeding it is possible to give yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese. Don't forget to add in food the necessary vitamins and minerals, you can buy them at any pet store.
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