You will need
  • - food bowl;
  • - bowl for water;
  • - feed.
Lapdog to 2 months is enough feeding mother's milk. Then bring the puppy on a balanced diet, considering some of the features characteristic of this group. To 4-month age is the most rapid growth lapdogs. During this period, feed your puppy no less than 6 times a day. Portions should be small. Approximately 1 tablespoon per pound of weight. Place bowls for food and water in one particular place. Ensure that the dog always have fresh water, especially if she eats dry food.
With 4 months to half a year and put puppy on 3 meals a day. Do it gradually. To the year when the growth of small dog breeds is almost over, feed twice a day – morning and evening. If you give your pet dry food, do so in strict accordance with the instructions on the packaging and, in any case, do not overfeed. Time in 10-15 days weigh the dog. This will allow you time to take action to adjust power in either direction. Dry feed contains all the substances necessary for the normal development of lapdogs, so the need to introduce mineral additives no.
If you are a supporter of natural eating, you have to include in your dog's diet boiled beef, meat chicken and Turkey, rabbit, liver, sea fish. All of these products, let's just cut into small pieces. Do not feed your pet raw meat. Breakfast cook low-fat cheese, fermented baked milk or yogurt, buckwheat or rice porridge. In porridge, add vegetable oil. Then coat your dog will be silky and healthy. When natural food add food complex vitamins and minerals, which can be purchased in veterinary pharmacy. Be sure to Supplement the diet lapdogs fresh vegetables and fruits. As a delicacy, let's just special cookies for dogs.