Underweight dogs can be associated with certain diseases of internal organs such as the liver or pancreas.
First and foremost, of course, contact your veterinarian. He will prescribe your dog tests (clinical and biochemical analysis of blood and fecal analysis). If they identify diseases of the internal organs, the vet will prescribe your dog medication and pick her a suitable diet.
как откормить собаку
Perhaps the dog loses weight because of the defeat of the body by helminths. It can also determine the veterinarian, looking at the results of the tests. If it is, buy an anthelmintic drug (it will also help you find the right vet) and give it to my dog. Usually after the solution of this problem to the dog's appetite is coming back, and she quickly gains the necessary weight.
Чем кормить новорожденных котят
If your dog all right, maybe you should reconsider her diet.
If you feed your pet natural food, do not forget that the dog is primarily a carnivore! When feeding natural food, the dog food take feed, rich in proteins of animal origin – meat, fish and dairy products.
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When cooking porridge for your dog keep in mind that the meat or offals should be on the order of 70%, and cereals – 30%. Cook first cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet preferable – this is the most fat-rich cereals. But note that the wheat should be thoroughly tenderize) and then add in the cereal, chopped meat, offal or fish. Meat dogs you can give beef and chicken. Beef is given either a steam room or a well-frozen. Chicken before feeding make sure to remove all bones. Let's fish oceanic, pre-privaris it slightly and remove all bones.
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Offal (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tripe) fed to the dog raw, except for the liver – it should be boiled. Helps to gain weight dog feeding raw unrefined bovine rumen. Give it to your dog before going to sleep in pure form, i.e. without porridge as additional bait.
Several times a week let the dog between feedings milk products: kefir, varenets, cheese.
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And, of course, do not forget about vitamins! When feeding natural foods, they are essential. When choosing vitamins it is advisable to consult a veterinarian. And best of all vitamins are not pills and the injections – so they're faster and more efficiently absorbed by the body.
If you feed your pet dry food, everything is simple. Give preference to feed "Premium" and "Super" classes. Choose a forage with higher protein content (e.g., for active dogs). When feeding a dog dry food, vitamins are not needed. But raw beef, the scar does not hurt.