Advice 1: How to make dry food for cats and dogs with their hands

The good and natural store dry food is under very serious doubt. Meanwhile, Pets just love it. To be quiet for the health of their four-legged friends, prepare them dry food with their hands.
Useful food for cats and dogs can do with their hands


What you can do dry food for cats and dogs

For the production of dry food at home as a main ingredient can be used not only meat, but also offals (heart, stomach). From the liver it is better to refuse, because it has a lot of biologically active substances, which can lead to disruption of metabolic processes.

If we talk about meat, then your choice is better to stop for chicken, Turkey or beef. Lamb and pork too fatty. Experienced breeders do not recommend to include them in the diet of Pets. From frequent feeding pork from Pets, particularly cats, can develop pancreatitis, renal failure, cirrhosis of the liver.

To do food based on fish as well as it should. Seafood is abundant in protein, which is digested, but it leads to an increased load on the kidneys of the animal. In addition, in cats when used in a fish disturbed the mineral balance, which leads to the development of kidney stones. The dog fish is also desirable to include in the diet, especially the river.

In the role of auxiliary ingredients are usually oats, bran, fish oil, greens, eggs and even honey. Salt dry food of own production in any case it is impossible! Salt Pets did not need.

How to make dry food at home

The technology of making a homemade dry food simple. Should all used in recipe products mince and whip using a blender in a doughy mass.

You should then spread "dough" on a baking sheet, previously covered with parchment and send in the oven to dry. The oven should be heated to 100 degrees, no more, otherwise the "dough" treacherously browned, but not dried. Typically, the drying takes 20 minutes.

After that, you must get the dough and divide it into small pieces, and then place in oven for further drying for 1.5 hours. From time to time to open the oven to check food for readiness. This is best done with a toothpick. Of ready to feed it will come out dry and clean, without adhering particles.

Prepared dry food must be cooled down and store in the fridge. Before that, it needs to be put in a jar with a lid that is tightly screwed.

Dry food for cats and dogs: three simple recipe

Recipe No. 1

You will need:

- 1 kg of beef or chicken (you can take half);

- Cup oats;

- 1 egg.

Meat and eggs should be previously boiled, as the Hercules steamed. Next, food is prepared according to the above technology.

Recipe No. 2

You will need:

- 1 kg of beef heart;

- a bunch of greens;

- 1 tbsp of fish oil.

Heart also need to boil. Instead of beef heart can safely take and chicken hearts. Fish oil will make pet's coat shiny. Instead, you can use olive oil.

Recipe No. 3

You will need:

- 500 g chicken hearts;

- 2 tablespoons of honey;

- a bunch of greens.

Chicken hearts also need to pre-boil then do all the usual technology.

Homemade dry food will fit perfectly in the diet of those animals that sit on the so-called "nature" - natural nutrition. There are no doubtful and dangerous to the health of Pets ingredients than sin, so the purchase of dry food.

Advice 2: What is it made of dry cat food

The composition of dry feed for cats may enter a variety of ingredients. Buying food for the animals, you should not choose the cheapest options, focusing only on the fame of the manufacturer.
What is it made of dry cat food
The stores of dry feed for the animals presented in a wide variety. Often the owners of cats get lost and can't understand what kind of food in bright packaging will be better and better. You can buy feed premium or save money and choose the cheaper option. But which option is better for your pet?

Varieties of fodder

To figure out which feed is suitable to the cat more than others, the attentive owner will try to see the composition. Dry food for cats are divided into classes is a premium, super-premium, economy. Of course, in composition they differ greatly.
If you want to keep your cat healthy and full of energy, it is not necessary to buy food, focusing only on its availability.

Feed economy class (for example, "Whiskas", "kitiket") sold in supermarkets, is made from low quality raw materials. Meat content in them is 4-6%. It's mostly offal, which add to the soy and low grade cereals. In such feed added substances that to the cat's body are not useful. In addition, the regular use of such food in the body there is a deficiency of amino acids, vitamins, which not only the metabolism but also may have an allergic reaction, upset digestion, are not excluded, and other health problems.

Feed grade premium is slightly better in terms of quality. In the manufacture of such feeds out good products. Meat products included in the feed, are used as the main source of protein. Because the body digests these foods much better, there will be less undigested waste. The meat content is 10-20%.

Feed super ("Royal Canin"). Here the composition is balanced perfectly, the nutritional value is very high, the body of cats digest these foods just fine. For making selected high-quality components are poultry, meat, Turkey, chicken, lamb, eggs, cereal. These foods don't contain synthetic additives, and meat is a big part of them.
Carefully study the composition, which is indicated on the packaging - the ingredients may be not only useless, but frankly harmful.

Why you should not feed your cat cheap food "economy"

The owners, of course, they choose pet diet alone, but you must consider several important points. The contents of grain in the feed does not benefit a cat's body, because this component, they almost do not assimilate. Despite the fact that the physiological needs of cats are not satisfied with that food, they are willing to eat a large number of such feed – they attract flavourings.
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