Whether to teach the dog "has everything"?

Dog handlers and veterinarians are sounding the alarm as more and more dogs suffer from the fact that careless owners, instead of to fill the Pets diet with vitamins and protein, teach them to sweets and processed foods. According to experts, many dogs, especially ornamental species, are faced with tooth decay and other oral cavity conditions. And blame only their owners...

It is important to note that taste preferences in dogs, as in humans - is quite extensive and varied and are highly individual. And it is the duty of the owners to teach their wards the right to food - it is better to take pride from the fact that the dog sparkling with health and active, what to feed dog cheap sausage and cheesecake, alternating with caramels.

How to maintain dog health and diversity of its diet

According to the dog handlers, before a person decided to get a dog, he should obtain initial information about the care, particularly nursing. Otherwise, high risk of not only spoil the health of your pet, but face a number of challenges. You know, when dogs are not receiving in your diet necessary amount of important nutrients and tried to fill it on their own - for example, in a dumpster.

Teaching dogs to eat fatty, too salty and smoked foods (smoked sausage, bacon, chips, etc.), the risk owners to bring their Pets to the veterinary clinic. Digestive system in dogs is not only not adapted to digest such kind of foods, but often can not withstand such extreme tests. After some time, animals may need quite a long and expensive treatment.

To retrain an adult dog, making him chew on a carrot instead of a piece of sausage may be even more difficult. So to the basics of proper nutrition, you must teach him from an early age. If the puppy is healthy, he spends a lot of time in the active game, showing good appetite. It's time to teach him to eat properly!

To accustom the dog to the vegetables, you can first try to add finely chopped carrots in porridge or soup. There are a lot of dogs, enjoy chewing carrots or raw potatoes. Not worth it to let them so they fill the shortage of vitamins and minerals in your diet. If the pet agrees to eat properly, it is necessary to show patience and creativity, next time mix the useful components with the most delicious and loved.

It is not necessary to teach dogs and flour products. Pretty quickly the dog can "try" and get used to it, abandoning the vegetables and even meat products. If the animal lives in urban environments and does not perform on the street a lot of time, energy loss may occur the risk of obesity. Especially it threatens the representatives of some ornamental breeds, such as pugs or Cocker spaniels.