You will need
  • - Lac;
  • - silver powder;
  • - synthetic drying oil;
  • - white spirit;
  • - turpentine;
  • - solvent;
  • construction mixer or a drill.
Use for painting all surfaces powder PAP-1 or PAP-2. Any silverfish has a small grated grinding, and is well diluted in the varnish or a synthetic drying oil, but the way of breeding are different.
Breed silver powder PAP-2 any varnish in the proportions 1:4 or 1:3. If you take 1 liter of varnish, you can breed them 250 or 350 g of silverfish. The resulting paint had a smooth consistency, pour first in the capacity of silver powder and then slowly pour the nail Polish. When you add the lacquer perform a thorough whisking the powder with a mixer or with a drill attachment.
Next, perform a dilution of the mixture to painting consistency. To do this, add the resulting solution white spirit, turpentine, solvent or their mixture and dissolve the composition in a ratio of 1:1. You get a paint that can be applied with a spray gun. For application by roller or brush then dilute in a ratio of 1:0.5.
To breed the silver marks PAP-1, varnish BT-577 in the ratio of 2:5, i.e., pour 2 parts of silver powder, 5 parts of varnish and the resulting mixture was dilute to a painting consistency.
To breed the silver varnish, guided by these proportions. Never dilute the powder with natural drying oil, as the composition will have opaque properties worse than when you use a synthetic varnish.
With this method of cooking silverfish you will have consumption of one layer coating 100g per square meter. Painting all surfaces with silver paint is applied at least three layers. Each subsequent layer is applied after complete drying of the painted layer.
When using makeup constantly, with a frequency of every hour produce a re-shuffle grooves with a mixer or drill.
The shelf life of silver powder is not limited. The shelf life of the diluted composition should not exceed 6 months at freezing temperatures.