You will need
  • -inflatable mattress;
  • -the pump.
Because inflatable mattress – the thing is big enough to inflate it using the pump. Use special pump. Sometimes producers complement the mattress in such a device. If it is not set, use a low-pressure pump. They can be manual, foot or electric. Electric pump inflated the mattress very quickly. But you have to very closely monitor the process of inflating. There is a danger of damaging the mattress.
Do not use compressors, motor pumps. In any case, do not use a Hairdryer! Hot air damages the material of the mattress. Inflate the product to the straightening of the folds. Touch the mattress – it should become quite elastic.
Inflating the mattress can be stronger or weaker. It depends on your sense of comfort. Ideal to inflate it ¾ full. Pumping to the limit can cause damage to joints, even if they seem very sturdy. Repair of the mattress is possible in home conditions, but better to him not to bring. If the product is a long time in the sun or it is used by more than one person, to give him better by less than¾. Inflated the mattress require periodic pump.
The deflation of an inflatable mattress is also an important process. Fortunately, most mattresses have a fairly large special valves. The air goes through them pretty quickly. Open the valve and release air from the mattress gradually. The air came out fully, press down lightly on the surface. But don't try too hard! You may damage the seams. If the mattress you have to blow away very fast, use the pump.