You will need
  • Fabric, foam rubber, hay.
A soft mattress is easy. For its production will need pieces of foam with a thickness of 15-20 centimeters. You can choose one solid piece of foam, but you can make a composite mattress. In the latter case, the length of each piece will equal about 60-70 centimeters. Then the whole length of the mattress will be equal to the average growth of a person, with enough room for pillows.
Each piece of foam is sheathed by a fabric (e.g. tapestry). From the cloth will depend much. Everyone porous materials, which will not move out of sheets, fabrics which are easily to wash. If you have a cat, you need to consider that some types of fabric easy to make leads.
If the mattress is made of three parts, they need to be joined to each other using pieces of fabric so that if necessary they can be folded "accordion", in the Ottoman. This option of the mattress is convenient because it can be folded before arrival of guests.
On a mattress you can sleep on the bed and on the floor and on a cot. And in the case when the mattress needs to be folded, you can make a beautiful case and decorate it with embroidery, applique or color to make the style rags.
Improvised mattress made of foam is particularly common for a country of self-made beds. But in addition to foam in the cottages there are other experimental products. In particular, a popular mattress of hay. It is believed that it sleep will be strong and healthy.
To a mattress of hay enough for a year, you need to carefully dry "stuffing" for him. To hay is recommended to add dried sedge, it prevents to fly to herbal dust across the surface of the mattress. Also Paris you want to add dried herbs. Popular St. John's wort.
For flavor in a mattress, you can add mint, lemon balm, leaves of currant, lime and strawberries and other dried herbs.