You will need
  • - wing nut,
  • - mounting screw,
  • - metal plate.
The simplest method - a children's rubber toy with a whistle. The whistle should be metal. Drill in the lid of the kettle hole in her size, insert and zavalitsya on the rubber gaskets. The rubber must be food.
The second method is more complicated. But more aesthetically pleasing. First, you need to find a round metal mold with a bottom diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the spout of your teapot. It can be a metal Cup from the set of the tourist, a metal glass or small mug. The main thing that it tightly fits over the spout of the kettle.
Next, you will need: wing nut, mounting screw, round metallic thin plate to membrane. Its diameter should be smaller than the diameter of the metal mold for 3-5 mm. Drill holes in the center of the bottom of a future whistle under the wing nut in the center of the metal membrane under the mounting screw.
Lentiform make small slits in the walls of the mold, just below the level of installation of the membrane. Collect the whistle: retaining screw slip membrane, wing nut, set the bottom of the whistle, turn the screw in the nut. So the whistle did not come off the nose, glue on the rim of the whistle from the inner side seal made of food-grade rubber or thermoplastic.
If the whistle between the bottom and the membrane to stick round plastic bullet from the kids gun, that your kettle will emit a loud warbling police.
In fairness, it should be noted that manufacturers are going to meet customers, and in some Internet stores the samples appeared factory whistles for non-electric kettles. Products are made typically from stainless steel alloys and have two or three sizes in diameter. However, pick a whistle right size difficult. View the proposed options, for example, on the website "Michoud".