Try to buy an electric pump of the same brand as the mattress. This is a very convenient option as it allows how to pump up the mattress, and deflate in a matter of minutes. The kit often includes nozzle adaptors suitable for all inflatable products of the same brand.
Never grab the mattress, that is do not fill it to the wood-elastic state. In the presence of a built-in electric pump before operation relieve a little pressure. Before shutting down make sure that the filling of the mattressand the air over.
If the mattress has no built-in, then inflate it an extra pump or supplied with and powered from the mains and footswitch, electric, working even from a car "cigarette lighter" pump or, in extreme cases, Cycling. Always monitor the degree of pumping the mattressfeels. The more weight the person who will be sleeping on it, the less you inflate your mattress. For optimal use fill it with air only at 80-85%. To prevent tearing, do not use for inflating car air compressor or some other high pressure pump.
Before you put the mattress on the floor or in the tent to pump it, make sure the surface was smooth and lacked any sharp objects. In any case, don't pick a mattress near open flame or very close to the heater. Inflate the mattress until it will not disappear folds, and it will not become elastic to the touch. Pumping is fraught with the fact that a valve will always come out as the valve is equipped with a control function. In any case, the inflatable mattressyou need to pump periodically.