If the cut is made with an awl, knife or glass, you can use to restore the repair kit. Most often it comes together with mattress. If the repair was not complete with the mattress, it can always be purchased at a specialty store. Very popular now enjoys kit for repairing inflatable mattresses Intex 59632. His set includes a tube of heavy duty glue and 4 patches.
Universal kit can be used for virtually any inflatable mattress. Note, before gluing be sure to degrease and sanding the surface. For degreasing it is recommended to use alcohol. Sanding can usually fine-grained sandpaper. After a product is glued, they can not be used about 4 hours.
An inflatable mattress can also be punched on the beach with a sharp stone. You first need to follow the rules of operation. They can save you from many problems associated with the mattress. For minor punctures, the main problem is to find the holes. To find her you must inflate the mattress and immerse it in water. With the puncture site will go the bubbles. If no bubbles, then need to inflate stronger. The fact that a puncture may be very small. It is also worth considering that when the mattress is heavily inflated, it is almost impossible to submerged in water. In such a situation, must be abundantly moistened with water and tightly cover with soap. The puncture site will appear bubbles.
Also an inflatable mattress can be fixed with raw rubber. To start, cut a patch of rubber. The diameter should be 1 inch longer than the diameter of the cut. Then degrease and scuff both surfaces. You can then attach the raw rubber to the mattress. Need top press down with a heavy object.