Schedule of work can be framed as in an employment contract or in a separate local instrument. If this condition is spelled out in the contract, changes should be made with additional agreements. For this purpose issue it in duplicate, one of which give to the employee, other leave.
Do not forget to notify the employee about the corrections to the document. To do this, make a notification. Remember that you need to send it no later than a month before the entry into force of the new graphics. Agreeing with the written information, the employee must put his signature and date.
In additional agreement list the previous and new wording of the conditions on the schedule of workand the date of entry into force of the document. You can specify in the document the validity of the new graphics, for example, prescribe that it shall be valid until full staffing. Agreement sign the employee and secure the information blue seal organization.
If the schedule is annexed to the collective agreement or other act to make a supplemental agreement is not necessary. Just on the basis of the order, make changes.
After the preparation of the document will issue an order approving the new edition of schedule of work. In a regulatory document, specify the date of entry into force of the document, under signature familiarize the employee with the administrative documents.
When you compose a new graphics necessarily are guided by the Labour code. You have to remember that the employee must have a rest break for lunch. Overtime and night work shall be remunerated in some other way.
If you don't want to make the new schedule work, can place an order for crazy hours. In this case, you will also have to notify employees about innovation under the painting.