Fan ASECNA official site of the artist can be a feedback form (guestbook, forum) or email address intended for emails of fans. For this, most likely, you will be asked to register and leave your email. Please be patient, the artists are busy people, so if they respond to the message, not immediately.
Social semiballistic stars no stranger to communicating in the normal social networks. Russian artists often have a page "Vkontakte" or have your very own blog on popular sites (such as or Блоги Western stars are present in the space of Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to comment on a new post, photos or videos – in fact, for your attention is done.However, be careful on the Internet fake account stars not worth anything. To be sure that the message reaches the destination, look on the official website of artist a link to his group or personal page.
Service hunting zvezdanuty the portal Stars.<url> has launched a service for those who want to share with your loved by. Visit sign up and write a letter to his idol. The administration of this project assures that all messages will reach the addressee.