Select a radiostation, which often listens to elect. Find out at what time, and what he likes, so he missed the greeting. On each of these radiostations is there a certain time when instead of music leading radiobroadcast reception and the reading sent to the Studio of greetings.
Find out a mobile number or a direct number on which to accept congratulations. Most likely to call you get no less than five times, because in the radiobroadcast calls are received from different subscribers, and the line simply does not have time to escape. Remember that often the operator instead of beep "busy" conveys some melody to expectations. Chance to call raises, if you do not reset the phone and "waiting in a virtual queue". These calls may be chargeable. Information on the website of the radiostation.
Use the additional options to send greetings to the radiobroadcast if they are reported leading. It may be communicating via instant messaging (like ICQ) or a sms message. In the first case, you will need to know the UIN, which you can send greeting; and the second mobile phone number that takes messages. It is important to note that the offset sent in these ways the texts immediately, but at least after half an hour, since the leading among all the received messages to leave only readable in a radiobroadcast.
To send greetings by mail. Find out the address on the website , radiostation or from the words of the DJ on the air. You can write a letter in electronic form or in paper. A letter in the mail will go at least 2 days and sometimes over weeks. It depends on the distance of the office of chosen company. Keep in mind it's time to not be late. Messages, sending e-mail, read faster. But it is better to write all the same in advance.
Publish your greeting in the chat that there is on many websites , radiostations. To write in a mode online. And this message will be read in the nearest issue on demand.