Search for social networks

Most stars (and not only Russian) have their own accounts in social networks Vkontakte and Classmates. To recognize a real page or under the name of the star is hiding a fake, will not be easy - if the page is a true celebrity, on account of a special confirmation in the form of a "tick". The second possibility is videoadvertising that many stars put on their pages in social networks. This confirmation is guaranteed to indicate that the page belongs to Your idol.

Another option is to search contacts stars through the official community. A similar possibility exists on Facebook, where the official group supporting marked with a special icon. As a rule, these groups are run by the administrators of stars, through which you can go directly to the artists.

Through producer - to the star

If the social network of your favorite artist no, can safely go to his official website. As a rule, the contacts of such sites are e-mail addresses and phone numbers of administrators, through which you can find already number the stars. Sometimes, instead of administrators are published by the data producers, which is also the opportunity to find the desired data. If no data, but there are so-called feedback form, request to obtain your phone can be sent through this form. It is likely that if you don't give yourself the contacts of the stars, then at least provide a lead to its producer, with which you will be able to negotiate.

Another possibility of obtaining the phone numbers of the stars is to communicate with them in chat. This form is quite popular on the official websites of the stars, and in various TV projects. Although the probability of obtaining the necessary contacts in this way is much lower.

And finally, another way - a personal meeting with the star (e.g. during a concert). This time, you can get all the necessary data that is called, firsthand. There you can offer whatever you want, or to talk on topics that interest you.