Advice 1: How to find a phone number celebrity

Everyone has their favorite celebrities, which sometimes want to talk about different things or have something to offer to their favorite stars (such as a song or clip). But to find the phone number of your favorite stars is not always possible, although in reality this is not particularly difficult.
Who seeks will always find

Search for social networks

Most stars (and not only Russian) have their own accounts in social networks Vkontakte and Classmates. To recognize a real page or under the name of the star is hiding a fake, will not be easy - if the page is a true celebrity, on account of a special confirmation in the form of a "tick". The second possibility is videoadvertising that many stars put on their pages in social networks. This confirmation is guaranteed to indicate that the page belongs to Your idol.

Another option is to search contacts stars through the official community. A similar possibility exists on Facebook, where the official group supporting marked with a special icon. As a rule, these groups are run by the administrators of stars, through which you can go directly to the artists.

Through producer - to the star

If the social network of your favorite artist no, can safely go to his official website. As a rule, the contacts of such sites are e-mail addresses and phone numbers of administrators, through which you can find already number the stars. Sometimes, instead of administrators are published by the data producers, which is also the opportunity to find the desired data. If no data, but there are so-called feedback form, request to obtain your phone can be sent through this form. It is likely that if you don't give yourself the contacts of the stars, then at least provide a lead to its producer, with which you will be able to negotiate.

Another possibility of obtaining the phone numbers of the stars is to communicate with them in chat. This form is quite popular on the official websites of the stars, and in various TV projects. Although the probability of obtaining the necessary contacts in this way is much lower.

And finally, another way - a personal meeting with the star (e.g. during a concert). This time, you can get all the necessary data that is called, firsthand. There you can offer whatever you want, or to talk on topics that interest you.

Advice 2: How to find out which celebrity I look like

Many people want to be like celebrities: you copy their style, behavior, say their words or the words of their heroes from movies. But someone is given a "gift" from birth, when you look at yourself in the mirror, a person sees angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Madonna. And even if a person doesn't have apparent similarities with someone of celebrity, he begins to think: maybe I like him, but you do not know anyone.
How to find out which celebrity I look like
If you need to know what you look like, to start learn more about themselves. If you are watching a movie, don't go to the theater and never turn on the TV, your knowledge of the world of celebrities, for sure, limited to the narrow circle of those who are certainly not to be missed. Maybe your hero is just outside of this circle - you just need to watch a new movie or once again by kiosk magazine, tells about the life of the rich and famous.
Arrange some kind of a poll. This can be done as in real life, a little picking friends, girlfriends, acquaintances, relatives. The problem here may be that many of them (and especially compassionate grandmother or aunt) will want to please you and you to attribute a non-existent similarity with someone and stars, only that you do not suffer. Therefore, more objective, these surveys will be posted somewhere on the Internet: in social networks, on forums, on special websites. Do not forget to attach your photo.
You can, of course, take advantage of special programs that help to collate the appearance of people. As you know, in the Internet, as in Greece, everything is there, so the easiest way to find such a program to score in the search engines. But be careful - how would your desire to compare their appearance with the appearance of some Hollywood stars did not end with sending SMS in a strange room and charged a decent amount of money.
I can do much easier without showing off: take your photo and compare it with the photo of someone from celebrities. However, it is necessary to consider the fact that the images must be of the same format. If your hero is in the photo gets the Oscar and smiling from ear to ear, it is unlikely that your passport photo will show at least some resemblance to him. Therefore it is better even to be in the same position with the same facial expression and then compare. But in this case you will need in the best case, the ability to imitate in the worst - acting talent.
Remember that affinity can be not external, but internal, and it is precisely this internal similarity is much more important than all the photos and outfits. Because most of celebrities went to the stars through thorns that you never dreamed of, showing on your way the mind, wit, skillfully using his talent and knowing the extent. What was done to them after their stellar life - another question: maybe they showed weakness. Well, if you are like some of the stars in the first and not like the second. But you do not tell any one photo.

Advice 3: How to find ancestry by surname

Pedigree by name recently become the most common form for the compilation of the genealogical tree and calculate all the relatives of all generations until the very last who bore the same name.
How to find ancestry by surname
The genealogy of the last name to know it is possible, however, please be aware that in this case, you will be available and known to General information about family, family tree will have lateral branches, and will testify only about those relatives, which bore the appropriate name.
It is clear that the same surname can have several pedigrees several options for families. Thus, it begs the conclusion that to make the precise origin of the surname is not enough, that is impossible. In compiling your family tree, you need to know and researching your ancestors from whom you got this name.
However, the name eventually changed, and some disappeared or would show up the last letter, which is why it is important to know the origin of the names, to walk up to the first founder of your family.
Thus, the name is kind of a clue, the clue that will help in the study of your ancestry, but you can't do without special genealogical research and studies.
If you except his name don't know anything else about relatives, you can use a simple free service on the Internet, where putting the name, date of birth and some other data, you will receive one or more variants of the family who can treat you.
However, if you want to know exactly their family and the history of its appearance, it is best to turn to professionals, which respectively are not for free, will produce the necessary research and provide you the entire list of founders of your family from the first to the last generation.
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