Advice 1: How to write to Andrey Malakhov

As any widely well-known media person, Andrey Malakhov tries to avoid direct contacts with your audience and fans to save a little time for a private life. However, this does not mean that contact with popular TV presenter there is no way.
How to write to Andrey Malakhov
If you want to contact with Andrey Malakhov for his "Let them talk", it's best to do this through the editor of "First channel", which produces the project. To do this, go to the website of the TV channel at now, scroll to the bottom and in the lower right corner in the menu bar, click "Letter to the editor".
In the form, enter your name, email address, text message and verification code of numbers and letters. Then click "Send". After that, you just have to wait for a response from the editor.
If you want to contact the presenter personally without involving your dialogue other employees of the channel, write the electronic letter through the official website of Andrei Malakhov. Go to his contact page at: and click on the "Write message".
In the opened form enter your name, email address and message text. If desired, add in the message your contact numbers. Then make sure that the third row of the form option "I Personally", i.e. your message will go directly to Andrew, and click "Send". Then again, you only have to wait for the result. If Malakhov is interested in your message, we will contact you at your specified address or phone.
In addition to an email message you can write to Andrey Malakhov ordinary letter and send it by mail. In this case, select the appropriate mailing address of the two listed on his official website. You can send a letter to the editor of the "First channel" at the address: 127427, Russia, Moscow, ul Akademika Koroleva, d. 12 or write to the Publishing house "Hearst Shkulev Media/InterMediaGroup", which publishes the magazine of Andrei Malakhov "StarHit". In this case, specify the following address: 115162, Russia, Moscow, Shabolovka 31, building B, entrance 6.
Even if you really need to contact the presenter personally, do not abuse the possibilities of correspondence, not fall asleep texting him. If you do not answer immediately, wait a couple of weeks and send a reminder letter. Try to speak correctly and with restraint.
Useful advice
To be sure that your letter came at the specified address, send a registered letter with notification. In this case, you will receive proof of delivery letters for the purpose.

Advice 2: Who wrote the lyrics of the anthem of Russia

The state anthem of the Russian Federation is one of the main official symbols of the country, along with the Russian coat of arms and flag. The basis of the text and music for a new hymn, written in 2000, was borrowed from the Soviet anthem, the author of the music of which is Alexander Alexandrov.
Who wrote the lyrics of the anthem of Russia

Anthem and its importance

From the ancient Greek word "hymn" is translated as "solemn song", an ode to someone or something important and great. The anthem is performed in special or urgent cases – he sounds when assuming the office of President, leadership of state authorities, as well as at the beginning and end of the sessions of the State Duma and the Federation Council. In addition, the national anthem is played during military events, national holidays, parades, sporting events and meetings/wires of the heads of state.
Today the anthem is the song dedicated to the Motherland and glorify its power and the greatness of his poems.

The national anthem of every country. Every citizen must respect the symbols of their state and know the words of the hymn of the Motherland by heart. The current anthem of Russia Vladimir Putin approved by decree on 30 December 2000. For the first time residents of the Russian Federation heard the new national anthem new year's eve 2001.

The author of the new Russian national anthem

The right words to the modern anthem of Russia managed to write Soviet writer and poet Sergei Mikhalkov, who is also the author of the State anthem of the USSR. In the verses of a new hymn he brilliantly reflected the greatness and power of Russia, the beauty of its vast open spaces and rich history of the great and invincible country. Mikhalkov has managed to combine his creation, people of all nationalities who love Russia, proud of her and wish her prosperity for many centuries.
Unlike the coat of arms and flag, which is also the official state symbols, the national anthem can not only see but also hear.

The author of the music of the new Russian State anthem has become a great choral conductor and composer Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov. For the first time this melody sounded in the Great Patriotic war, supporting soldiers of the red army and Navy, fighting against the Nazi scourge.

Beautiful, solemn and majestic music makes each Russian citizen to feel a sense of pride in their country, and that is easy to remember the words vividly describe the endless fields of Russia, its rivers, lakes, villages and cities. Russian anthem is know virtually worldwide, because it is a masterpiece that was created by two patriots of their Motherland, loving her with all my heart.

Advice 3: How to write a letter to the mayor of Moscow

Russian legislation aims to protect the rights of citizens. If you are in a situation when your eyes shamelessly violated the law, you can write about the mayor. For this it is necessary to know how and what to write about in the letter.
How to write a letter to the mayor of Moscow
The easiest way to write to the mayor to use the services of the Internet portal of the Moscow Government ( Go to the main page and click in the top right corner click on the red "feedback". On the new page from the list, select "Electronic reception".
On the next page you will be asked to review the General rules of reception of letters and order of their consideration. Please note, some rules must be respected to ensure that your letter is not ignored. For example, are not allowed threats and profanity, also the Government of Moscow did not respond to questions that are not related to its competence. Read the text at the end of the page, click on "Yes".
Fill in the required fields that are marked with an asterisk (*). Enter data about yourself or the organization on whose behalf applying for, outlining your letter that it was forwarded to the competent in this issue the face.
Write in what authorities have you applied for assistance and attach the required electronic documents as evidence or an illustrative example. Please note that the attached file should be of the format: txt, doc, rtf, xls, pps, ppt, pdf, jpg, bmp, png, tif, gif, pcx and not exceed 5 MB.
Wait for the emails to the mailbox that you specified on this resource. This message must contain the confirmation and status of your application. The answer you get to this same email address.
Write the mayor a letter to the paper. The address you need to specify on the envelope: 125032, Moscow, Tverskaya street 13. In the to: line enter: Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich. In the field of sender specify the address to which you want to answer. For reliability, take the letter by yourself at the same address in room No. 103, road No. 5. Make a copy of the letter to get the stamp on the admission document.
A letter to the mayor can send and the so-called "personal page". Call the number (495) 620-27-00 and tell us the details about yourself, describe briefly the essence of the problem and tell me in what instance you already had the opportunity to go. This line operates around the clock.

Advice 4: Biography Of Andrey Malakhov

Andrey Malakhov is a Russian journalist, entertainer and presenter of programmes on television, chief editor of the magazine StarHit. Malakhov says that in the childhood he liked to be in the limelight and to be the leading.
Biography Of Andrey Malakhov

The path to success

Andrey Malakhov was born January 11, 1972 in Apatity, Murmansk region. I graduated from high school with a silver medal, went to Moscow and entered the faculty of journalism at MSU. Malakhov also received his musical education in violin, however, in recognition of the journalist, training at the music school he did not like.

During training in the Moscow state University Andrey went to training in the USA. He had a year to study at the journalism faculty of the University of Michigan. Students from Russia at that time relied stipend - $200 per month. Of course, the money in the US housing will not be removed, and soak hard. Malakhov had to look for a job.

Andrew was sent to local TV Detroit, which was a division of the famous Paramount Pictures. This work allowed him to move into my own apartment and feel confident. Now Malakhov was not a poor student, and quite successful foreigner.

Upon returning to Moscow Malakhov found a part time job in Ostankino. He translated CNN news on Russian language. Andrew still remembers that to combine work and study at MSU, he was extremely hard.

Andrey Malakhov graduated from Moscow state University in 1995 with honors and began working as an editor of the international information program "Morning", author and host of the column "Style".

After that, he was a correspondent of management of information programs of the First channel. Since 1996 Malakhov becomes the leading program "Good morning".

In 1998 Andrey Malakhov decides to get a second degree. He entered the law Department of Russian state humanitarian University.

2001 was a breakthrough in his professional career Andrey Malakhov. In the First channel to start to enter the program "Big wash", which instantly made him a true TV star.

Some time later, coming out with several programs Malakhov "Five evenings", "Golden gramophone" and "Let them talk". Show program "Let them talk" is broadcast at the present time.

In addition to a successful television career, she has written two books: "My favorite blonde" and "My second half".

Personal life Andrei Malakhov

Andrey Malakhov prefers not to give interviews about his personal life. It is known that for several years the civil wife Malakhov was Marina Kuzmin, who was his senior by eight years. Their relationship was very uneven. Passion and insane jealousy soon destroyed this couple.

Malakhov was attributed to many novels. He has long remained a bachelor, but in June 2011, all married blonde Natalia Shkuleva. The wedding ceremony was held in the Palace of Versailles in Paris.
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