If you want to contact with Andrey Malakhov for his "Let them talk", it's best to do this through the editor of "First channel", which produces the project. To do this, go to the website of the TV channel at now, scroll to the bottom and in the lower right corner in the menu bar, click "Letter to the editor".
In the form, enter your name, email address, text message and verification code of numbers and letters. Then click "Send". After that, you just have to wait for a response from the editor.
If you want to contact the presenter personally without involving your dialogue other employees of the channel, write the electronic letter through the official website of Andrei Malakhov. Go to his contact page at: and click on the "Write message".
In the opened form enter your name, email address and message text. If desired, add in the message your contact numbers. Then make sure that the third row of the form option "I Personally", i.e. your message will go directly to Andrew, and click "Send". Then again, you only have to wait for the result. If Malakhov is interested in your message, we will contact you at your specified address or phone.
In addition to an email message you can write to Andrey Malakhov ordinary letter and send it by mail. In this case, select the appropriate mailing address of the two listed on his official website. You can send a letter to the editor of the "First channel" at the address: 127427, Russia, Moscow, ul Akademika Koroleva, d. 12 or write to the Publishing house "Hearst Shkulev Media/InterMediaGroup", which publishes the magazine of Andrei Malakhov "StarHit". In this case, specify the following address: 115162, Russia, Moscow, Shabolovka 31, building B, entrance 6.